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Macron admits he must “swallow” more on pensions and “re-engage in the public debate”

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Emmanuel Macron admitted he should have done it “wet” More to defend the disputed pension reform and announced that it would start from now on “Re-engage in the public debate”in an interview with readers of the newspaper “Parisien” published on the Internet on the evening of Sunday, April 23, by the daily newspaper.

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“Maybe the bug wasn’t there enough to be consistent and do this fix myself”said the President of the Republic, who nevertheless confirms that his Prime Minister, Elizabeth Born, has a role to play ” trust “ because “She is doing her job well at a difficult time for the country”.

sequel after announcement

Emmanuel Macron also appreciated it Marine Le Pen will come (to power) if we do not know how to respond to the challenges of the country and if we establish the habit of lying or denying reality.. The head of state who claims not to have it “lessons to learn” about it because he owns it hit twiceSo, we offer “You’ll never win” against RN “The most popular and rowdy game”but thanks “Worksites of Reindustrialization, Environment and Order, and the Struggle for Our Public Services”.

It will be tough until the end of the summer.

Economically, Emmanuel Macron warned that the situation will be difficult “until the end of summer” Regarding food product prices, which are the current main driver of inflation in France.

“I’ll be honest, food prices, it’s going to be tough until the end of the summer.”While food prices continued to accelerate year-on-year, the president warned, they jumped 15.9% in March (after 14.8% in February). In the face of these sudden increases, the head of state demanded “Work pays off”return the ball to “The bosses” and on “social dialogue”.

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Emmanuel Macron confirmed his desire to launch “A major environmental restoration project” promising schools “funding” For municipalities to fight heat filters. “There are a lot of schools that use thermal sieves, kids freeze them and then they get hot. We’re going to refurbish them.”reassured the head of state. “We are in the process of launching a major environmental reform project for our schools. We will allocate funding for them to support municipalities that cannot do this on their own.”Emmanuel Macron added, without giving details of an envelope or an exact timeline.

sequel after announcement

Emmanuel Macron finally wanted to introduce the future immigration law “in one text”a contract ” balance “After announcing the division of his project a month ago.

I want an effective and just law with one text that maintains this balance.said the head of state. In a speech on March 22, he indicated, however, that he wanted to divide the project into tranches “several texts” To retain only the most consensual aspects, as there is no absolute majority in the Council.

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