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Larch stalls reforming institutions

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Senate President Gerard Larcher (left) expressed his reluctance on Saturday to embark on institutional reform, as Emmanuel Macron would like, questioning the advisability of ” Moment “ when the topics Inflation and the crisis of public services It seems to be a priority.

“We are always ready to examine what makes democracy better: simplification, decentralization, and we are working on that…but this is the time.”Mr. Larcher asked in an interview with Parisian.

sequel after announcement

Emmanuel Macron, the atmosphere of the end of governance

“If I asked the French what their concerns were, I doubt they would answer: ‘Reform of the Court of Justice of the Republic, reform of the Supreme Council of the Magistracy or in proportion to the National Assembly.’ Instead, I hear of inflation and crisis in the public services.”he argued.

For his part, Emmanuel Macron raises his desire to move forward on this issue, after he stumbled upon it during his first five-year term. In his televised address on Monday, the head of state said he wanted to introduce it soon “The main ways for our institutions to work is to gain competence and citizen participation”.

Larcher and Braun-Pivet received at the Elysee

He also recently received President Gerard Larcher at the Elysee Palace and Assembly President Yael Braun-Biveh (Renaissance) to discuss these questions. While Mrs. Brown-Beve said she was in favor of reform, she also questioned the timing, because the pension crisis had not opened up, according to her. ‘Not a good climate’.

For Mr. Larcher, “The return of trust is not a game of institutional building as a priority”.

sequel after announcement

The Senate President also pointed out “Crisis of Governance and Trust” Cross according to him by country, Linked to the absence of results, excessively vertical rule, sprawling bureaucracy, to neighboring France that feels forgotten and resorts to abstentions, but also to the absence of an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

We must regain our closeness to the French.He also appealed to the representative-elect of Yvelines, whose name sometimes comes to replace Elisabeth Bourne in Matignon, if Emmanuel Macron could find agreement with Les Républicains.

but Today’s political conditions have not materialized.Mr. Larcher confirmed, without officially ruling out the hypothesis.

“We have major disagreements with the policy pursued by the executive branch regarding public spending, decentralization and sovereignty…”argued further, asserting that his “sky line” His nomination was for Senate election in September, and his renewal for the Senate presidency.

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