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French Montana in Arab American Heritage Month and honoring Ramadan

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Recently, French Montana has appeared the message With Ebro Darden for Apple Music 1. During their conversation, the Moroccan rapper opened up about his Arab American heritage and how he honors the religious month of fasting.

The Frenchman, nee Karim Kharbouch, immigrated to the United States from the African country at the age of thirteen and was raised as a Muslim.

Speaking of the culture shock of coming to America and still having the discipline to succeed, he told Ebru, “Everyone’s dream is to come to the States. I remember when my aunt was getting dressed to go to the airport, she’d say, ‘You’re dressed to go to America.’” I said to myself. “I.” She said, “You,” and it went on for a while. It’s like playing the lottery. »

And he added, “But when you watch it as a child, they only show you the horizon and they show you the big buildings, the penthouses, this and that. East Tremont Lafontaine près de Crotona Park Avec tous les Africanins – et c’était comme, ‘Yo, where am I? I should have stayed in Morocco for that.’

French Montana attends the 2022 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 15, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The Frenchman has traveled the world with the Islamic values ​​of discipline instilled in him, though he admits it took him years to acclimate.

Revealing that he immigrated to another country, “It took me two years to learn how to sail. “And that’s what made me realize that anything is possible…that the impossible is not a reality. ‘It’s an opinion. It made me learn discipline. Discipline will make today hard, but tomorrow easy’ And I learned that having excuses will make today easy and tomorrow difficult and things like that.”

March 22-April 22 is of particular importance to him, as it is a holy month, intense spiritual renewal with an increased focus on devotion. The “No Stylist” rapper said he takes Ramadan seriously by fasting on food, social media, “negative things,” and more.

I’m fasting. I don’t go on Instagram. I don’t use social media. I stay away from all the negative things, he said. I do everything I’m supposed to do during Ramadan. I get better with Ramadan every year since I was little. I become more focused. Every Ramadan it’s harder because you’re trying to do things you didn’t do last Ramadan just to better yourself.It’s all about energy.For me, not working during Ramadan makes me lose a lot of money, but it keeps me from seeing naked women and this and that.

He continued: “My country It’s getting better She’s trying to cancel shows, she’s trying to do that, she’s trying to give my all, and that’s what I do every Ramadan. During Ramadan, I re-read the entire Qur’an, again, just to gain more knowledge and get closer to the guy upstairs and things like that. Even in terms of fasting, I make sure that I don’t sleep most of the day, that I wake up and really experience fasting, that I pray Fajr and do whatever I’m supposed to do during Ramadan.

At just 38 years old, the Coke Boyz Records founder tells his life story in an upcoming Drake-produced documentary. Apparently, the Bronx rapper will be talking about his immigration to America, his love life, his road to success and more.

“This documentary simply tells the story of the immigrants who have followed me and all the people who have followed me from the day I started until now,” he revealed. “I feel like a lot of people know me, but a lot of people know me through my music. A lot of people know me because I hang out with people. It could be, it could be, but I want people to know me for the right reasons and I feel like this documentary is more based on wrestling.

“I watch a lot of documentaries and I see a lot of people — it’s not pictures of anyone — I see a lot of people pointing to awards and pointing to achievements and pointing out why they’re upset about the Grammys and pointing and pointing out and I really want to know the real artists.

It was also revealed that the document would shed light on his relationship with his parents, filming, interviewing his close friend and musical collaborator, the late rapper ChinX, and interviewing Max B, who was sentenced to 75 years in prison for the conspiracy case. Armed robbery. . Kidnapping, aggravated assault and premeditated murder.

He told his life story: “It’s the whole enchiladas.” I’m almost black after him [Max B] I went to jail… I went through all the obstacles. Thanks to Drake for helping me do this. I yell at Puff. Kudos to Max B for letting the cameras into this maximum security prison and helping me document it. It just goes to show that me and her and my dad came here and I don’t even speak English, and it goes to show that your momentary moment has nothing to do with your long term. ”

Listen to French Montana’s full interview with Ebro on Apple Music 1 here.

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