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France promised Ukraine boats, buses and railways

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The French government promised to supply ships, buses and railways to Ukraine, whose transportation infrastructure was badly damaged by the Russian invasion.

Bonne, Abdelmalek, Braun … But why do so many French ministers go to Ukraine?

Minister Delegate Clement Bonne, who concluded a four-day visit to Ukraine on Sunday, April 23, called on French companies to: ” from now on “to “To be there, especially in the transport sector”.

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According to the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, Recent estimates put the cost of rebuilding Ukraine at 383 billion euros. Including only 83 billion for transport infrastructure.

support the war effort

Clement Boone “He took the initiative to gather on his return to France the leaders of the main French companies in the transport sector to accelerate their mobilization for Ukraine”The ministry added in a statement.

Meanwhile, France promised to do Donate pilot boats and packing “Technical expertise of Haruba Ports (Director of Seine River Ports, editor’s note) for increasing grain exports”. will be sent too Additional buses to Ukraine to provide school transportation, in addition to the thirty vehicles already delivered.according to the text.

In Lviv clinics for war amputees they are building “another image of Ukraine”

Paris got involved “To supply Ukraine with 20,000 tons of railways, to rebuild several hundred kilometers of railways” Damaged by fighting and bombing, and “Dozens of additional generators weighing 1.5 tons, in addition to the twenty electricity generators that will be delivered in the coming weeks to the Ukrainian Railways”.

sequel after announcement

finally, “France welcomes 10 Ukrainian air traffic controllers to ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation, editor’s note) to prepare for the reopening of Ukrainian airspace”According to the ministry.

“Since the beginning of the conflict, France has provided very important military support, but there is also civilian support, including in the war effort, which is vital.”explained Clement Bonn, quoted in the press release.

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