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Anti-gay marriage, Zemmour and Bellamy don’t regret (unlike Darmanin)

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Opposing marriage for all ten years ago voted President Reconquest! Eric Zemmour and MEP François-Xavier Bellamy said Sunday that they have no regrets, both of which are concerned about the shift towards legalizing surrogacy.

When I re-read what I wrote or said on that occasion, I see that everything we said is with the opponents. Marriage is for everyone “come true”Said on Radio J Mr. Bellamy.

sequel after announcement

Marriage for All: ‘There will be no turning back’

“What was at stake was a model of society that included the extension of the PMA (…) and surrogacy”He argued, emphasizing that “What we denounced ended up happening.”.

If medically assisted procreation (PMA) has been allowed for all women in France since the end of September 2021, this is not the case for GPA.

For the vice president of LR, his opposition to same-sex marriage actually amounted to “universal choice”. “I don’t consider surrogacy progress”And “And I won’t apologize for that.”He added, expressing his dissatisfaction with that “Those who caused this debate”.

Darmanin’s regrets

Asked for BFMTV, President of Reconquest! Eric Zemmour took the same line, and did not subscribe to it “mea culpa” Recently, notably ministers Gerald Darmanin and Christophe Piceau, who have lamented their fight against marriage for the sake of all.

sequel after announcement

“I was hostile to this marriage to everyone because (…) I knew that this marriage was a stage (…) in a much longer project.”he developed.

Marriage is for everyone: “I was wrong,” admits Darmanin, who opposed Tobera’s law

“In fact, after marriage (…) it was planned that there would be a PMA for single women and lesbian couples and a GPA for homosexual men. Well, we’re almost done.”confirmed.

He defends himself from existence “gay hate”“I don’t care, everyone does what they want” – Mr. Zamour saw that legalizing marriage for all had “She gave people the impression that everything was going to hell.” And what was he playing “civilizational estrangement”.

Should power come to pass, neither Mr. Bellamy nor Mr. Zemmour will repeal the law.

“The real issue is the future and the issue of surrogacy, which is a subject of terrible duplicity.”reassured MEP LR, when Mr. Zemmour repeated that it was not his “priority”.

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