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50 tombs discovered under the prehistoric Paris bus station in the French capital

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Scientists have discovered 50 tombs that provide insight into life in the bustling main city nearly 2,000 years ago.

Mohamed Salah El-Din Abdelj El-Sayed/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Scientists have discovered 50 graves in an old cemetery near a busy train station in Paris, France. It is believed that they belonged to the lotus, the predecessor of the French capital.

The cemetery dates back nearly 2,000 years, according to CBS News’ A Reportage.

The site of the tombs, which are located near Port-Royal train station in Paris, was not discovered during the multiple road constructions over the years, nor during the construction of the station in the 1970s.

The discovery was made because plans for a new exit to the station prompted an archaeological excavation by France’s National Institute for Precautionary Archaeological Research (INRAP), according to the institute’s new release.

The burial was found as part of the second-century necropolis of St. Jacques, according to CBS News.

Mohamed Salah El-Din Abdelj El-Sayed/Anadolu Agency/Getty

The excavations, which began in March, revealed skeletons buried in wooden coffins. All that was left were nails and a few small traces of wood.

Some of the remains were buried with the offerings, such as pottery, glassware, coins, shoes, jewelry – even a complete boar skeleton and a smaller animal believed to be an offering to the gods.

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“Based on the funeral rites, we can arrive at a kind of overview of the people who lived in Paris in the second century,” said Dominique Garcia, director of the National Institute for Preservation Archaeological Research (INRAP). French broadcaster Europe 1.

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