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The Kremlin denies a new wave of mobilization

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The Kremlin again on Friday denied any intention of launching a second mobilization campaign to send men to Ukraine, in response to articles about students being called up by the military.

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“There are no discussions in the Kremlin about any wave of mobilization.”Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. He was responding to a question about reports in Russian media about university students receiving military conscription in Moscow and other cities in Russia. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard of this.said Dmitry Peskov. “What are the invitations? I don’t even know.” Stick to what it is.

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In September 2022, the Kremlin announced the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of men of fighting age to give new impetus to its faltering offensive in Ukraine. Since then, rumors have swirled of a new wave of recalls, especially since last week Vladimir Putin signed a law hastily passed by parliament to facilitate mobilization.

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According to this new law, the reserve can now be mobilized electronically, via the Russian public services portal, or even if the order is given to a third party.

Previously, the summons had to be handed to the musters, which allowed many men to escape the first wave in September, notably by fleeing abroad or hiding with relatives.

From now on, refusal to appear at the registry office will deprive the interested parties of the possibility of acting as an entrepreneur or private employer, obtaining loans or disposing of their housing and car. The authorities, who had already denied any hint of mobilization before the sudden announcement of the first wave last year, voted on the new law at a time when Kiev forces say they are preparing a major counteroffensive in Ukraine.

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