Home Entertainment The Canadian citizen of the world is on a quest to save the planet — again

The Canadian citizen of the world is on a quest to save the planet — again

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Because what the world needs now is another global event to save the planet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will travel later this week to attend the “Global Citizen NOW” celebrity conference in New York.

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It followed a scathing report by the federal environment commissioner condemning his government for failing to meet its own targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, planting trees, protecting vulnerable species and promoting biodiversity, despite a taxpayer commitment of more than $200 billion. Money for the effort again.

Undeterred, Trudeau will be one of the leading politicians, along with French President Emmanuel Macron and Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Motley, to attend the two-day event Thursday and Friday at “The Glasshouse,” New York’s preeminent private event space. ”

As Global Citizen describes the event, movie star Hugh Jackman and Coldplay actor Chris Martin will be among the co-hosts of the event alongside “the biggest names in music, entertainment, philanthropy, political government, climate activism and the corporate sector” to speak out on the most pressing issues facing humanity and our planet. » «.

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According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, Trudeau will “advocate for women’s rights” and convene a meeting of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Advocates (SDG Advocates), which he co-chairs with The Motley Fool, “a group that includes academics, politicians, artists, musicians and others” from around the world. “.

This meeting will “take stock midway towards the 2030 goals and work together to raise ambition ahead of the SDG Summit in September.”

“Building a just, equal and peaceful future with clean air and water for all is at the heart of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and reflects the vision of the World Citizen Now summit,” Trudeau said in a statement.

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In New York, I look forward to cementing our shared progress and advocating for strong global commitments to support gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls everywhere.

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While in New York, Trudeau will address the Council on Foreign Relations and meet with private investors to promote “the importance of the bilateral relationship between Canada and the United States and our shared interest in building clean economies that benefit everyone on both sides of the border.”

The problem with the Global Citizen Summit — and similar events like the United Nations’ giant annual climate change festival that takes place at global tourist attractions and the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, a ski resort in the Swiss Alps — is that they’re not right. Examples of explicit consumption, when the only effective way to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions is through austerity.

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Although there has been more than a trillion dollars of investment in “green energy” projects globally – for example, a new battery plant for Volkswagen electric cars has just been announced in Ontario, which Canada seems to have won thanks to superior government support in the states. United States – The only times global emissions have fallen significantly in modern times were during the 2008 global recession triggered by the subprime mortgage derivatives crisis in the United States and in 2020 during the first year of the pandemic.

In contrast, the message from the global elites attending events like Global Citizen, the annual United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change and the World Economic Forum, is that what they prescribe to others, do not recommend to each other. themselves.

It is the opposite of leading by example. Rather, it is a philosophy entitled and sufficient.

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