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Burning pizza may be the cause of a deadly fire in a restaurant in Madrid

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Two people died and 12 others were injured Friday evening, April 21, in a fire at an Italian restaurant in Madrid, apparently caused by a torch intended to light a pizza, authorities said Saturday.

Two of the people being cared for by the Samur emergency service in the Spanish capital “dead”one of its managers, Montsi Marcus, told reporters. The city’s mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, said he was a restaurant employee and customer, who went there on Saturday.

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Twelve people were injured in a fire in this restaurant located west of Madrid, including six They were taken in serious condition to different hospitals in Madrid.said Montsi Marcus.

In a few seconds, everything was burnt.

According to the city’s mayor, tragedy would have occurred when flames were used to ignite a pizza spread to the decorative elementsIncluding plastic flowers that decorated the ceiling and columns.

“One of the waiters was going to put the finishing touches on a plate using a blowtorch to ignite it. He held the hot plate in one hand and the torch in the other. He passed by the plants and in a matter of seconds, everything was burnt.”Client of the daily newspaper El País.

Firefighters said they were able to intervene quickly because their station was about 400 meters from the scene of the disaster, where several people ran to warn them.

People ran to the fire station.Well, that’s why “Our response time was very fast, because half of our teams arrived at the scene by running and the other by our vehicles.”Carlos Marin explained to the press the head of the guard team in the barracks. A National Police investigation was opened in the aftermath of the tragedy.

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