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Ukrainian Photographer Wins World Press Photo Award for Portrait That Embodies the Absurdity and Horror of War

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Irina Kalinina feels her rounded lower abdomen as she is being evacuated and injured from the destroyed maternity hospital in Mariupol, pale and struggling. photo highlight “Killing future generations of Ukrainians”On Thursday, April 20, she won the first prize for World Press Photo.

Miron, whose name is derived from the word for “peace,” was stillborn after the Russian airstrike nearly two weeks after the invasion of Ukraine. Half an hour later, his mother, who was barely 32 years old, passed away.

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“Look no further, he’s dead…”: In Ukraine, the tragedy of a murdered childhood

This photo was taken by Evgeniy Maloletka of the Associated Press (AP). “captures the absurdity and horror of war” And “Shines light on the murder of future generations of Ukrainians”said the jury of the most prestigious photojournalism competition.

“A very painful historical fact”

This Ukrainian, who said he arrived an hour before the invasion of Mariupol, was one of the few photographers who documented the events there at the time.

“For twenty days we lived with paramedics in hospital basements and in shelters with ordinary citizens, trying to show the fear that Ukrainians live in.”He said.

The award-winning photo, which shows a pregnant Irina Kalinina with a bloody leg lying on a stretcher and a red polka dot blanket, “It sounds like a very painful historical fact.”said the jury.

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They were children and were killed in Bucha: we traced their martyrdom

Five men seem to rush her away from the scene of destruction. One of them holds the woman’s arm, while black smoke still billows from the wooded terrain that borders the ruined building.

90% destroyed city

A symbol of Ukrainian resistance, the port city of Mariupol was besieged and bombed for several weeks by Russian forces at the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

The strike on a maternity hospital and a children’s hospital in this city in southeastern Ukraine on March 9, 2022 immediately aroused strong feelings and condemnation around the world.

Initially, Russia denied responsibility for the attack on the hospital, which left three people dead and about 17 injured. Mariupol finally fell in May 2022 after fierce resistance. According to Cave, the city was 90% destroyed and at least 20,000 people died there. The European Union has described its headquarters as “a major war crime”.

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“Survivors of Mariupol”, memories of the end of the world

By giving a platform to the picture, the jury I hope the world will stop and realize the intolerable realities of this war and think about the future of Ukraine..

The work of the winner and other award-winning photographers will be on display from April 22 in Amsterdam, where the Foundation is based, before being shown around the world.

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