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54 Nubian deputies are calling for a parliamentary investigation

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Inspired by the investigative book by Caroline Michel Aguirre, senior correspondent for l’Obs, La Syndicalist documents the fate assigned to whistleblowers, questions the role of the highest circles in the state, tells of the abandonment of our industrial supremacy, shows the insane treatment assigned for women victims of sexual violence. We are not talking about a distant era in our history, but about events that took place ten years ago. Threats, intimidation and then rape Maureen Kearney, Areva group CFDT trade unionist when she vehemently opposed an agreement to transfer French technologies to a Chinese counterpart, the turbulent game played by the EDF group under the direction of Henri Proglio

Thus, the countless police and judicial shortcomings that led to the accusation of the victim, the suspicions of bribes and bribes, which were widely exposed without any follow-up, cannot be revealed.

Many of us left the film screening with this question: How can we collectively miss this story? While the topic is now on the media and cultural agenda, it is our duty to include it in Parliament. Since Maureen Kearney no longer wishes to re-launch any legal action – And how can we not understand her after what she suffered?- It is strange that the prosecution did not consider this case, leaving justice unclosed, only making hearings under oath and controlling the documents in the file would make it possible today to shed light on all the gray areas in this The Case In Brief: A Parliamentary Inquiry.

sequel after announcement

To work for truth and justice

It will be a decisive action to advance towards truth and justice. It will also include addressing the case of the ex-wife of Emmanuelle Petit, a senior Veolia executive who challenged broker Alexandre Djory who was claiming a stake in a contract to set up a subsidiary in the Middle East. Because Marie-Lauren Bouquet-Petit suffered rape under circumstances eerily similar to Maureen Kearney’s, a few years earlier. That is why we solemnly call on the President of the National Assembly, Yael Braun-Biveh, to approve this request as soon as possible. The first request of a commission to investigate the so-called “Maureen Kearney” case and its implications for the functioning of our institutions, our democratic principles and our industrial sovereignty, which was made by Clementine Otten on behalf of the LFI-Nupes group, was returned to “Next drawing correct”

from his group. A few days later, the deputy organized a screening of the film in the Chambers of the National Assembly, followed by an exchange with Maureen Kearney, Caroline Michel Aguirre, director Jean-Paul Salome and producer Bertrand Fever.

Giving a political outlet to a fictional story that, by the director’s own admission and also by Maureen Kearney’s, falls short of reality seems to us an imperative. Working for truth and justice in this turbulent and unjustified past is a furtherance of our republican principles, freedom and dignity. Against threats, intimidation, attacks and censorship, we parliamentarians must be on the side of the right to know. In view of the great stakes raised by this story, we therefore call for this decision to be studied and then voted on in plenary by the entire national representation.Maureen Kearney’s “syndicalist” aggression of Areva: A new victim emerges from the silence The former CEO of EDF confirmed in our articles that he

“He has nothing to say about these cases of which he knows nothing and which are based only on malicious hearsay.”


Petitioners: Farida Amrani (La France insoumise-Nupes), Clémentine Autain (La France insoumise-Nupes), Christian Baptiste (Socialists and Relatives – Nupes), Lisa Bellocco (Environmentalist – Nupes), Carlos Martins Bilongo (La France Insoumise-Nupes) , Manuel Bompard (La France insoumise-Nupes), Mickaël Bouloux (Socialists and Relatives – Nupes), Louis Boyard (La France Insoumise-Nupes), Cyrielle Chatelain (Environmentalist – Nupes), Hadrian Clouet (La France Insoumise-Nupes), Florian Chaouch (La France Insoumise-Nupes) La France insoumise-Nupes), Alexis Corbière (La France Insoumise-Nupes), Eric Coquerel (La France insoumise-Nupes), Catherine Couturier (La France insoumise-Nupes), Hendrik Davey (La France Insoumise-Nupes), Arthur Delaporte (Socialists and Relatives – Nupes), Stéphane Delautrette (Socialists and Relatives – Nupes), Iñaki Echaniz (Socialists and Relatives – Nupes), Martine Etienne (La France Insoumise-Nupes), Elsa Faucillon (Democrat and left-wing Republican Nupes) , Emmanuelle Fernandez (La France insoumise-Nupes), Sylvie Ferrer (La France insoumise-Nupes), Charles Fournier (Environmentalist – Nupes), Marie-Charlotte Jarin (Environmentalist Nupes), Clemence Gate (La France insoumise-Nupes), Mathilde Higné (La France insoumise-Nupes), Hubert Julien-Laferrière (Ecologist-Nupes), Sébastien Jumel (Democrat and left-wing republican Nupes), Fatiha Keloua Hachi (Socialists and Kin Nupes), Julie Laernoes (Ecologist-Nupes), Maxime Laisney (La France insoumise-Nupes), Elise Leboucher (France insoumise-Nupes), Charlotte Leduc (France insoumise-Nupes), Muriel Liebfreud (France insoumise-Nupes), Benjamin Lucas (environmentalist – Nupes), Elisa Martin (France insoumise -Nupes), Pascal Martin (La France insoumise-Nupes), Frédéric Mathieu (La France insoumise-Nupes), Damien Maude (La France insoumise-Nupes), Mathilde Banno (La France insoumise-Nupes), Francesca Pasquini (Environmentalist-Nupes), Sebastien Bettafi (Environmentalist – Nupes), René Pellato (La France insoumise-Nupes), François Bequemal (La France insoumise-Nupes), Christine Pierce Bon (Socialists and Relatives – Nupes), Thomas Portes (La France insoumise-Nupes), Luke Brod Homme (La France insoumise-Nupes), Valérie Raboud (Socialists and Relatives – Nupes), Jean-Claude Roux (Environmentalist – Nupes), Davy Reiman (La France insoumise-Nupes), Sandrine Rousseau (Environmentalist – Nupes), Daniel Simonet (La France insoumise-Nupes), Aurélien Taché (Ecologist-Nupes), Léo Walter (La France insoumise-Nupes).

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