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The mysterious flash in the sky of Kiev is probably caused by a meteor

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The Ukrainian space agency told AFP on Thursday, April 20 that the mysterious flash that lit up the sky over Kiev on Wednesday evening and triggered a brief anti-aircraft alert was probably due to a meteorite.

“We can’t pinpoint the exact object. Our hypothesis is that it is a meteorite, but to prove its exact nature, we lack data.Deputy Head of the Control Center of the Ukrainian Space Agency Igor Kornienko told AFP.

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“The monitoring devices recorded a strong explosion, and we recorded it and determined where it occurred.” added in the sky.

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According to him, the agency cannot “volume assessment” On the one hand, the body that penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere, causing a flash, on the other hand, this body did not hit the Earth.

“According to our data, it did not reach the ground, and there was no impact since there was no seismic data.” Registered, Igor Kornienko explained.

Shortly before that, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital admitted that it had made a mistake the day before by asserting that this phenomenon was caused by the fall of a NASA satellite, which was refuted by the US space agency for its part.

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“It is up to the experts to find out exactly what it is.”on a telegram, Sergio Popko, head of the city’s military department.

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“The most important thing is the safety of Kiev and its residents. It was not a missile attack and our anti-aircraft defense did not use its weapons.he added.

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However, this phenomenon briefly triggered an anti-aircraft alarm.

Kyiv residents, far from panicking and getting used to Russian anti-aircraft alerts and bombings, took to social media on Wednesday evening to broadcast their images of the fireball that lit up the sky around 7 p.m. Wednesday.

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They also doubled down on the same, hilarious videos on the topics of alien arrivals and the war against Russia.

In CCTV footage posted to social media, a giant ball of light can be seen shooting down and then exploding.

Shortly after the flash, the military department in Kiev indicated that it was likely due to A NASA satellite fell to Earth.Because the US agency had reported earlier in the week that the Resi satellite, which weighs about 300 kilograms, will return to the atmosphere at an unspecified time on Wednesday.

But NASA said in a statement to Agence France-Presse that this device did not enter the atmosphere when the bright phenomenon was seen over Kiev.

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