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Postponed disability conference? Societies are asking for it, including Collectif Handicap

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The Collectif Handicap, which includes 52 associations, on Thursday, April 20, is calling for a postponement “a few weeks” The National Conference on Disability (CNH), which Emmanuel Macron will chair next Wednesday at the Elysee Palace, regretting the “lack of ambition” And consulting and threatening not to participate.

If not postponed, the participation of the associations will be in the National Council of Health “extremely challenging”The association warns in a letter addressed to the President of the Republic, which was published today, Thursday.

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The question of their participation is actually ” suspended “ This was confirmed to AFP by the head of Unapei, which includes 330 associations in the field of intellectual disability, ahead of the latest steering committee meeting of the CNH Council scheduled for Thursday.

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CNH “It should make it possible, as provided by law, to ‘discuss the directions and means of policy relating to persons with disabilities.’ It should set out a clear and precise course, based on a coherent multi-year programme, with earmarked budgetary commitments.”Collective says.

gold, “The preparatory work was marked by a marked absence of ambition.”he thinks.

“Improving citizen participation”

“After hundreds of hours of meetings and many recommendations made, our Assemblies are still, a week before this conference, not in the slightest bit of information about the announcements that will be made on that day.”Collective regrets.

sequel after announcement

“It is unacceptable for them to discover ads at the last minute without the right of reply, expertise and counter suggestions”Regrets the group, considering that this continues ” against “ From President Macron’s declared desire to do so To relaunch social dialogue And the’“Enhancing citizen participation”.

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“There is an urgent need to adopt a truly ambitious policy with a multi-year budget plan”Ask the associations that are asking for a postponement ” A few weeks “ to “The start of real consultations on the measures envisaged and the response to the opinion of the Council of Europe”.

The European Committee for Social Rights (CEDS) of the Council of Europe, an international organization based in Strasbourg, denounced France’s violations of provisions of the European Social Charter relating to persons with disabilities, in a decision announced on Monday: inaccessible buildings and transport, difficulties in educating children or get care.

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