Home Politics Objected by his opponent, Macron asserts that he “will not resign”

Objected by his opponent, Macron asserts that he “will not resign”

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Emmanuel Macron’s public outings in recent days have been marked by tense confrontations with opponents of pension reform since the enactment of the controversial law. Plotting on Wednesday in Alsace, the president was once again greeted by protesters during a trip to Hérault on Thursday 20 April. He was arrested by one of the opponents during a walking tour, and he confirmed that he did not intend to do so “I quit.”

After distinguishing between “discord” And “scandalous” In the dispute during a visit to the Ganges, the head of state paid a surprise visit to the hitherto small town of Birol. “explain” Fix and take selfies with the kids.

sequel after announcement

Emmanuel Macron, the atmosphere of the end of governance

“I will not resign, I assure you it will not happen, we will have to wait until 2027”He reassured a woman who had expressed disagreement with pensions. “You don’t care what people want to claim.”She replied.

The president also expressed reservations about his prime minister’s commitment, during an interview with Agence France-Presse, not to use 49.3 foreign financial texts. I am not responsible for the prime minister’s interviews with AFP.”The head of state confirmed, but renewed his rule ” trust “.

The protesters’ utensils were confiscated

Earlier in the day in the Ganges, the demonstrators who had come to welcome the head of state were kept at a safe distance on his arrival, but they blew their voices and used whistles, vuvuzelas, smoke bombs … But without pots, for a few days they became a symbol of competition. The gendarmerie confiscated some of them, while the governorate’s decision banned them portable audio devices. ” we are here “And Macron’s resignationthey exclaimed.

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Some threw eggs and potatoes at the police. “Eggs and casseroles for home cooking only”Emmanuel Macron commented on his arrival, in a short dialogue with the LFI deputy for the department, Sebastien Roma.

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