Home Politics Macron in Herault: the prefecture bans “portable audio devices” and the gendarmerie confiscates the utensils

Macron in Herault: the prefecture bans “portable audio devices” and the gendarmerie confiscates the utensils

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the next day to “Casrolad” Welcomed by Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Alsace, an order from the prefecture of Hérault banned any portable audio device This Thursday, April 20 in the Ganges, where the head of state planned to talk about education.

Surrounded notably by the College Louise-Michel in the Ganges, where Emmanuel Macron has to announce the start of the academic year in September, together with Education Minister Pape Ndiaye, the decree of Hérault’s governor prohibits “Uses” from everything “Audio devices portable or from unauthorized vehicles”.

sequel after announcement

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The Secretary-General of the Confederation of Trade Unions told AFP that Matthew Gay told AFP at the checkpoints that filter the entrances to the Ganges region, which is secure for the arrival of the president, to prevent the demonstrators who came with trays and five (traditional flutes).

“Eggs and poultry to cook”

“We have to stick to it. This is any amplification device. Nothing special.”In the words of a spokesman for the province told AFP, without specifying the extent of these “audio devices” Prohibited and whether this could include whistles, trumpets, vuvuzelas or other instruments.

He said he was not aware of protesters being denied access to basins or khamsat.

However, as video footage from the LCI shows, the gendarmes, relying on the relevant prefectural decree, confiscated the cauldrons.

sequel after announcement

This decree, in effect from Wednesday evening 8 pm until Thursday 6 pm, also prohibits the wearing of swimwearFirearms, including replicas.Beside “All objects likely to constitute a weapon (…) or which may be used as projectiles, (…), in particular glass vials”.

Emmanuel Macron asserts: “It is not the pots that will move France forward”

At the end of Thursday morning, some protesters threw potatoes and eggs at the gendarmes, an AFP journalist immediately noted. For his part, Emmanuel Macron said during an interview with LFI deputy Sebastien Roma: “Eggs and pans for cooking.”

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