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How no code will revolutionize corporate digitization

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At the moment, No Code is making a lot of noise. To examine how this technology will revolutionize corporate digitalization, we interviewed Mirren Lafourcade, Managing Director of simax, a leading no-code company since 2006.

Can you briefly remind us that there is no code?

There is no code that defines a way to design digital solutions (management solutions for example), without resorting to a single line of code. This makes it accessible to people with office skills without having to call out developers. In this sense, the ERP SIMAX
(Complete Management Solution) equipped with modules (CRM, Selling, Buying, Inventory, Production, Accounting, etc.) described in No Code. So it is possible to modify everything and easily add new features (fields, workflows, alerts, etc.).

What are the benefits of No Code?

By our standards, done over 17 years, what takes one day of No Code development requires an average of twenty days of programming. This equation speaks for itself… In addition, no code is accessible to business experts, which is a real plus in a period of global programmer shortages. promotes diversity, by feminizing digital teams; Improves the quality of work life for users by automating tedious and repetitive tasks.

How does No Code allow for more flexibility in running a business?

In any business, it is necessary to implement a differentiation strategy, which is often synonymous with good digitization. Going digital means giving yourself the means to deliver a better product and service faster than your competitors. No code will increase a company’s responsiveness to a changing world, without having to resort to programming, where costs and deadlines can be major brakes.

Why do you think no code will revolutionize the ERP-CRM world?

In a report published in June 2021 on CRMs, the US consulting firm Gartner confirmed that by 2024, 80% of technology products and digital services will be built … by people outside the field of technology. As for ERP, they have a reputation for tough solutions…and it’s not usurped…no code finally provides flexibility for this kind of solutions and also ensures data security.

Finally, wouldn’t the No Code be a barrier to implementing invoice (invoice x) dematerialization in 2024?

On the contrary, communication is facilitated at No Code. We will be among the first to support
Companies to manage the dematerialization of invoices thanks to native APIs (API) from SIMAX. We will thus be able to interact with a platform dedicated to dematerialization.

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