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Emmanuel Macron was booed during a trip to Alsace in Selestat

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The head of state wanted to find himself “in the crosshairs of the screaming sticks.” Emmanuel Macron was booed on Wednesday, April 19, on the streets of Selestat, in Alsace, during his first outing since the passage of a disputed pension reform. “We are here, we are here!”And Macron’s resignationThe protesters chanted slogans in the crowd.

We have never seen a president who has a government as corrupt as yours. One day you will back out […]. You’ll fall soon, you’ll see”They threw a gray-haired man on him. You have incorrect ideas.replied the chief.

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Later in the day, Emmanuel Macron admitted that A “anger” Currently speaking in France. “You have to hear anger, I’m not deaf to it”, He said. And to add: “This anger was expressed, I didn’t expect anything else but it wouldn’t stop me from continuing to move.”

“We don’t want to fix you.”

But the afternoon was very hectic for the head of state. “I don’t ask people to make the hard decisions for me, we will continue to make things better in working conditions”He also responded to a young woman who stabbed him with pensions and hardship.

“I’m 34, I’m really worried. We only ask for one thing, a calm down sign, and right there we don’t see it.”said this woman again.

We don’t want to fix you, what don’t you understand about that? »Another man fired.

sequel after announcement

Some supporters booed-between

“It’s more democratic, banning demonstrations at 10:30 in the morning.”Another woman denounced. “words have meaning”replied the chief.

However, some have expressed their support for him. “sit in”An elderly man fired at the head of state, who responded ” Don’t worry “.

“There are people who are not happy, and I will not communicate with them because there are people who are not happy. Everyone should speak freely.”Emmanuel Macron said.

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