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The centrist group “Liot” will introduce a bill to repeal the reform

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The centrist Lleut group, which has already on the initiative of the various parties blamed the government that failed by 9 votes, She will introduce a bill to cancel the pension reform. The head of the Bertrand Puncher Group confirmed to “The Parisien” on Tuesday, April 18th.

On June 8th, the date of our next parliamentary major, we will return power to parliament and we will win.did he say.

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According to the newspaper “Le Parisien”, two drafting options are being considered: a proposal calling for the complete abolition of the reform, or a text calling for the abolition of Article 7 of the amendment to the Social Security Financing Law, which relates to raising the legal age to 64- and Article 10 became in the final version- as well About calling for a social conference.

In any case, this bill would only need a simple majority to pass, unlike a motion of censure that would require an absolute majority. If adopted, it would then have to pass into the hands of the Senate – where the text would have very little chance of being adopted.

“We really believe we can win.”

The Socialist Parliamentarians have already proposed a text for this purpose, following the partial approval of the Constitutional Council, to cancel the reform promulgated by Emmanuel Macron on Friday. But the “parliamentary prestige” of the Socialist Party deputies has already worked out, they do not have the opportunity to dictate the agenda of a single day in the Chamber of Deputies before the next Legislative Council.

“You have to remember no one voted on Article 7 in the Assembly, we really believe we can win”A source from the Lyot group told AFP.

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Lyot deputies will have to submit transcripts by April 20 that will shape their standing, according to a source in the group. The potential proposal will then have to be validated by the association services to be able to appear in the group standing. Obstructed by the government [lors de cette journée de niche]then a motion of censure may be considered, since it would be a new political reality. The entourage informed Bertrand Puncher of the “Parisian”.

The next opposition venue is the Communist deputies at the beginning of May, but these had to present their text before the decision of the Constitutional Council.

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