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Six things to know about the person who replaced Laurent Berger

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A few weeks after the election of Sophie Binet at the helm of CGT, it is CFDT’s turn to change its face. The general secretary of France’s first union since 2012, Laurent Berger, announced on Wednesday, April 19, in an interview with “Le Monde” that he is handing over his position to Marillis Lyon, currently number 2 of the CFDT.

‘Unions could disappear’: CFDT questions the evolution of union commitment

Marelise Leon, 46, deputy secretary-general since 2018 and negotiator on employment issues, has long been in circulation to succeed the current chair of the CFDT. She should be set on June 21 during an upcoming national office, until the next Cedto conference, scheduled for 2026.

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1. Feminization of trade union organizations

Thirty years after the arrival of Nicole Notat at the helm of the CFDT union, in 1992 (a historic precedent for all unions combined), the organization will once again be headed by a general secretary.

Sophie Binet, who just succeeded Philippe Martinez at the helm of CGT, greeted AFP with this. “The Feminization of Trade Unions”. It was expected. It was announced at the end of June, so there will be no prior impact at the union level.”Especially since then, she added “Marliese Leon is already running the interstate.”.

2. A doctor since the Aspire Zone disaster

Maryliese Lyon comes from private. Holding a DESS in chemistry (pocketed after missing his pharmacy entrance exam by two spots, according to “l’Opinion”), this original Mancelle specializes in air pollution control systems. She was hired by a motorway company to work on the subject in the early 2000s, “Le Télégramme” report, and then joined a consulting firm, where she took her first steps as a staff representative.

In 2003, two years after the tragedy of the accident at the AZF factory in Toulouse, she was appointed by CFDT chemistry-energy to undertake the training of employee representatives on prevention of industrial hazards, working conditions and environmental protection.

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Annuities: CFDT position

Rising through the ranks one by one, she became a Confederation National Secretary from June 2014 to June 2018. She then focused on sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, industrial policy, energy, social dialogue, and representation. She was elected Deputy Secretary General of the CFDT in 2018, and then re-elected in 2022.

3. Consistency with the database

In this second place in the Federation, Marelise Leon is in charge of the warranty “The political cohesion of the House of Representatives and talking to the regional and sectoral bodies” to “Make sure the top understands the bottom and vice versa”, explains the daily “Opinion”. A core mission within the CFDT, it is still reeling from the trauma of the 2003 pension episode, when the federation agreed to reform Raffarin’s government despite strong opposition from the field.

4. Unemployment insurance reform

Marilise Lyon led the negotiations on the unemployment insurance file, which reduced the amounts and duration of compensation for unemployed persons. “We are against the idea of ​​choosing the status of the unemployed. That those who can work more do not, because their compensation is supposed to be very generous.she told Obs in 2019.

5. Burger Line

There is no expected change in the Union line from Marelles Lyon. For several months, she also often appeared alongside Laurent Berger during meetings with the executive or days of demonstrations against pension reform, and represented the CFDT during inter-union meetings.

sequel after announcement

Laurent Berger, Investigating the Main Man of the Packers

“She is dynamic, she has a strong understanding of the world of work (…) she fought hard during the negotiations on unemployment insurance (…) she is appreciated inside the home, she is close to people, human”The latter, in his interview, praised the “world”.

6. Running, paragliding and knitting

According to “le Figaro”, when she is not devoting herself to guild battles, the model loves to indulge in running, paragliding and knitting. She is Passionate about street art and superheroes. Wonder Woman Special.

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