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Laurent Berger will leave his duties at CFDT on June 21

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“I think on June 21, I will let CFDT do well”This was stated by Laurent Berger in an interview with the newspaper “Le Monde”. The Secretary General of the CFDT union announced on Wednesday, April 19, that he will leave his duties at the helm of the first French federation on June 21, highlighting his “considered decision”.

Even if he had already stated, in June 2022, that he would leave the union during his term of office, this announcement comes in the midst of a social struggle against pension reform.

sequel after announcement

Laurent Berger, Investigating the Main Man of the Packers

In this interview, the Secretary-General acknowledges that ” Don’t let CFDT weary you. If there’s one thing that doesn’t tire me out, it’s a hardcore passion.”. Despite his exit from the trade union organization, Laurent Berger confirms that he will not enter politics but announces that he will continue his work ” struggle life.

Marelise Lyon arrives at the helm of CFDT

Laurent Berger will be leaving on June 21 and will be replaced by the second figure in the syndicate, Marilys Leon, who has been the deputy secretary of CFDT since 2018.

‘Unions could disappear’: CFDT questions the evolution of union commitment

She is able, with the team that will be around her, to give a new impetus, as I have tried to do.”Laurent Berger develops for reporters in “The World”.

“She is dynamic, and has a strong understanding of the world of work, sometimes more accurate than mine.” he adds.

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