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Fox News will pay $787.5 million to avoid a defamation lawsuit over its coverage of the 2020 election

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Fox News will pay electronic voting machine company Dominion $787.5 million after a last-minute deal on Tuesday (April 18) that spared it an embarrassing lawsuit over its coverage of the 2020 presidential election.

We are pleased to have settled our dispute with Dominion Voting Systems.He said in a press release, the favorite series of American conservatives, shortly after the announcement of the agreement between the parties by the judge who was to preside over the trial, before the Supreme Court in the state of Delaware.

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Rupert Murdoch, the man who has the power to impose his views on the entire world

The channel also said “Note that a court decision finds some claims about Dominion to be false.”While the judge declared in an order issued on March 31 that he is “It is quite clear that there are no confirmations about Dominion in the 2020 election [n’était] TRUE “.

Dominion president John Poulos, for his part, said Fox News has done just that “confess to lying” those who have “I have caused serious damage to my business, our employees and our customers”. “Nothing can fix this.”

Embarrassing text messages

Dominion initially demanded $1.6 billion. The company, whose machines operated in 28 states during the presidential election won by Joe Biden, has been the pet wrath of Donald Trump’s close bodyguard, whom he has accused at length and without evidence of being used to rig ballots.

According to media reports, the terms of the agreement deprive “Fox News” hosts of a humiliating practice: apologizing on air, or admitting to broadcasting lies. He also saves the pearl of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire from suffering “defamation suit of the century” As the New York Times called it.

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Tucker Carlson, the Trumpians’ favorite host

Even before the proceedings, the action led to an embarrassing dump on Fox News, with emails or text messages published showing that the stars of the series, and even Rupert Murdoch, could hardly believe, in November 2020, the scenario of rigged elections, as accusations spread on the air.

The trial was eagerly awaited in the United States, as it was seen as a test of the limits of freedom of speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution, as well as a fight against disinformation. Jury selection had ended on Tuesday, and debates were scheduled to begin in full swing.

Although the trial won’t happen, the bill that Fox News has to settle is ” Unprecedented “ to be present “In itself a great punishment.” to the channel, Mark Feldstein, a professor of journalism at the University of Maryland, explained to AFP.

“really crazy”

To win, Dominion had to prove a willful willingness to lie to Fox News.

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The chain played an important role in the conservative camp but was regularly accused of propagating conspiracy theories, and wanted to make the trial a symbolic case for press freedom. For her, it was legitimate to give the floor to the Trump camp when he challenged the vote and “Necessary to seek the truth” To allow all parties to express themselves.

But Dominion relied on internal discussions to say that Fox News was lying on purpose, so as not to lose its viewers who won over Donald Trump. a “Really crazy stuff. and harmfulwrote on November 19, 2020 about Trump’s accusations of the big boss, Rupert Murdoch, to Fox News Channel boss Susan Scott.

Attack on the Capitol: A Moment of Truth…for Half of America

“We have to kick her out.”Also said one of the stars of the series, Tucker Carlson, speaking of a tweet from a journalist about the series deflecting accusations of fraud. “This hurts the business greatly. The share price has fallen »he added.

Fox News accused Dominion of conducting a curtailed and biased collection of messages.

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After the deal was announced, Media Matters for America president Angelo Carusone said the channel had done just that “She showed herself to be a party propagandist willing to do anything for profit and power.”.

Even if Fox News can soon turn the page on Dominion, it may not be at the end of its troubles. The channel is being sued by another company, Smartmatic, in a similar case.

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