Home Politics Emmanuel Macron confirms that Elizabeth Bourne maintains her confidence

Emmanuel Macron confirms that Elizabeth Bourne maintains her confidence

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Emmanuel Macron confirmed during a trip to Alsace on Wednesday 19 April that Elisabeth Born still has his confidence, like that of Parliament which, he recalls, rejected a motion of censure from the government after appointing 49.3.

In response to a question about whether the Prime Minister has his confidence, the President of the Republic replied: “She has mine, otherwise I wouldn’t have entrusted her with the advancement and preparation of these sites.” Remind him of himself on Monday at work and order and ” progress “ in public services.

sequel after announcement

“Our constitutional and democratic lives have meaning. The president appoints and you must have the confidence of Parliament. This political time has found: there is no alternative to the majority and movement [de censure] rejected”The head of state explained.

Is Elizabeth Bourne still standing? Behind the scenes of his freaky week

Born again in Matignon on the 14th of July?

Elizabeth Bourne weakened in office after using 49.3 to pass pension reform: One motion of censure that followed the use of this constitutional tool was rejected by just 9 votes, stoking tension in opposition processions.

On the day the government went to nine votes to overthrow it

But Emmanuel Macron did not answer the journalist’s question, who asked him if Elisabeth Bourne would still be in Matignon on July 14.

Emmanuel Macron spoke on Monday “three sites” 100 days to get out of the pension crisis, on the topics of work, immigration, but also health and education, which the Prime Minister will make clear next week before “first review” July 14th.

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