Home Politics Emmanuel Macron asserts: “It is not the pots that will move France forward”

Emmanuel Macron asserts: “It is not the pots that will move France forward”

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“It is not the utensils that will push France forward”Emmanuel Macron estimated in front of reporters, on Wednesday, April 19, during a trip to Alsace, confirming this “The reality of the whole country is not just people banging with frying pans or complaining.”.

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“You will always see me with people” because “What interests me is what will allow our citizens to live better” And “I have no right to stop”And the president added, during his visit to a factory specializing in wooden construction in Mauterschultz (Bas-Rhin), where demonstrators welcomed him at a distance with a concert of ponds.

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“The reality of the country is also that there are a lot of women and men at work, who want to make a better living from their work, earn more, and want to improve working conditions.”he added.

“We are fighting for [la démocratie] works better »

He was asked about the words of the historian Pierre Rosanvallon, who spoke about him “democratic crisis” In France, the Head of State confirmed: “I respect the intellectual, but I am afraid that he will sometimes become an activist.”.

“There are places where we are not democratic, where we are fighting to get it back, in our country we are simply fighting for it to function better”And the head of state added, according to whom We must not go into big words..

In France, the elections “take place in a democratic framework” And “The next day, on the pretext that we did not win, should not weaken the legitimacy of the elected people.”Saucepan.

sequel after announcement

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While Laurent Berger has just announced his imminent departure to head CFDT, Emmanuel Macron has welcomed a manager who has been with him “Always very good”. “He’s someone I respect, dare I say, friendship.”added the head of state.

Regarding confidence in the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic replied: “She has mine, otherwise I would not have entrusted her with the progress and preparation of this work.” He mentioned it himself on Mondays in order, ” progress “ In public services and labor issues.

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