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Drops of God wants to be the next generation Apple TV+ version

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Drops of God, the new taut Apple TV+ drama from Legendary Entertainment is set in the rare world of fine food and wine, and features no family feuds or multinational media empires. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this 8-part adaptation of the Japanese manga series of the same name, High Stakes, worked. Succession– Narrative style of the death of a French wine lover.

Logan Roy wasn’t ornate, of course, but it was the death of Alexandre Léger, creator of the famous Guide des Vins Léger and world-famous figure in oenology, that kick-started events (just as Roy’s death now brings Succession end of the game in the show). And he left behind two potential heirs to his $148 million wine collection: a daughter in Paris, Camille, who hasn’t seen her father since her parents separated when she was nine. and Alexander’s patronage, brilliant young oenologist Isa Tommen.

In other words, it is the biological daughter versus the “adopted” son. The inheritance, including the Leisure Empire estate, will go to the winner of three wine-related challenges. Along with this, there is a series of tests that put Camille at a disadvantage from the start – as she has never tasted a single drop of wine. To prepare, she moved to a vineyard in France owned by a friend of her father’s and spent a month learning all she could about the different aromas and tastes of wine.

At this point I must add that Drops of God (for the first time April 21st Along with the first two episodes) fans of the equally ambitious prestige drama will likely appeal also on Apple TV+: Pachinko. There is a scale and cinematic quality to the visuals here that reminded me of them Pachinko beauty. And Drops of God It is also a multilingual drama filmed in French, Japanese and English.

The new Apple series is doing particularly well thanks to Camille and Issei Tomine, two rich and charismatic characters who also have an interesting family history built around them. It’s easy to get lost in the intricate beauty that surrounds the world of fine wine, which makes the show more engaging than I could have imagined. Drops of God It offers viewers a rich, full-bodied narrative, with hints of sentimentality, beguiling old-world beauty and the all-encompassing search for one’s own identity.

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