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Ralph Paul Jarl Shoot Us: Shoot the Shooter

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The local prosecutor announced that a judge in the state of Missouri, in the center of the United States, charged an eight-year-old man, on Monday, April 27, after he was seriously injured by a gunshot wound last week, as he accidentally knocked on the door of his house.

Clay County District Attorney Zachary told a news conference that Andrew Lester, an 85-year-old white man, has been charged with two felony counts, one of which carries a life sentence. A warrant was issued for the arrest and bail was set at $200,000.

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Ralph Paul Jarl, 16, who was significantly shot in the head by the shooter, is recovering “Despite the seriousness of his injuries.”according to one of his family’s attorneys, Lee Merritt, quoted by ABC News.

Aloe Black: “Of course I was already a victim of violent racism!”

The teen was picking up his twin brothers from a friend’s house on April 13 in Kansas City, a large city in Missouri, when the wrong doorbell rang. His aunt, Faith Spoonmore, said the homeowner shot the teenager through a glass door. She described Ralph Paul Jarl as a smart, friendly kid who dreams of studying chemical engineering.

Biden spoke to the teenager

“The information we currently have does not indicate that (the act) was racial, and the investigation is still ongoing. But as Chief of Police, I am aware of the racial components of this case.”Kansas City Police Chief Stacy Graves said Sunday at a press conference.

This case caused an uproar across the country. President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with the teenager on Monday, and “Share his hope of seeing him recover quickly”said the White House.

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Protesters gathered outside the home where the youth was injured Sunday and demanded that the shooter be prosecuted for racial offenses, the Kansas City radio station reported. “My heart completely broke when I found out.” The girl’s fate was tweeted by actress Halle Berry, calling on the public prosecutor to act.

Fatal shootings happen regularly in the United States, a country of about 330 million people and home to nearly 400 million firearms.

In New York state, on the East Coast, authorities announced Monday that a 20-year-old woman was shot and killed while driving her car after it accidentally turned into the driveway of a house. The 65-year-old homeowner, who allegedly fired the shots, was arrested Monday and charged with premeditated murder, the Washington County Sheriff told a news conference.

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