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Ralph Paul Jarl, a black teenager who was shot after knocking on the wrong apartment door

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Hundreds of Americans have demanded justice for a black teen who was critically wounded by multiple gunshot wounds after ringing the wrong doorbell at a Kansas apartment as police promised a speedy investigation, police said Sunday, April 16.

America is forever racist?

Ralph Paul Jarl, 16, who was also shot in the head by the shooter, a white man, is in critical condition, according to a statement released by noted attorney Ben Crump, who has agreed to take the case.

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He was picking up his brothers from a friend on April 13th when he got the wrong apartment. The owner shot the teen through a glass door.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacy Graves said at a news conference Sunday night that the shooter was released after 24 hours in police custody and that a victim impact statement is required before any further action can be initiated. “As chief of police, I understand the racial components of this case.”Stacy Graves said.

An invitation to judge a racist crime

The case caused an uproar across the country and sparked an outcry on the streets of Kansas City as well as on the Internet as celebrities and activists were outraged. And Kansas City Radio reported that protesters gathered outside the home where the young man was injured on Sunday and demanded that the shooter be tried for racial crimes.

“My heart completely broke when I found out.” the fate of this A 16-year-old boy accidentally rang the doorbell at the wrong address in an attempt to pick up his siblings.Actress Halle Berry took to Twitter, calling on the attorney general to file a complaint.

Fatal shootings occur regularly in the United States, a country of nearly 330 million people and nearly 400 million firearms. After Ralph Paul Jarl, four people were killed and at least 28 others, most of them teens, were wounded Saturday night in a shooting during a birthday party in Alabama.

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