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Macron promises to ‘open emergency room’ by end of 2024, unions tackle ‘elusive goal’

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During his speech on Monday, April 17, Emmanuel Macron promised “Deregistration of all emergency services” By the end of 2024, setting an a priori unattainable goal while a shortage of caregivers is already preventing the health system from meeting the growing demand.

32 ‘avoidable’ emergency room deaths in one month: ‘This number is an underestimate’

Stretchers in crowded corridors and waiting rooms. Day and night, winter and summer. The crisis is deep and the symptoms are intolerable. “By the end of next year, we should have decongested all of our emergency services.”Order of the President of the Republic.

sequel after announcement

Easier said than done. Because the hospital does not suffer from mild overcrowding: 20.4 million emergency visits in 2021, compared to just over 10 million in 1996. The inevitable increase was only halted by Covid. Unless there is a magical cure, the pre-crisis record (22 million) will soon be beaten. The head of state has not specified how to reverse this trend, however We need tangible results in the short term..

‘The goal is out of reach’

The first interested parties find it hard to believe. ‘The goal is out of reach’Judge Marc Noisier, President of the Federation of Samu-Urgences de France.

In the absence of force “caregiver injection” To rapidly increase the number of hospital beds, this will be essential “profound changes” organization that will be “complicated to manage”he explains. “The way it is now, it’s wishful thinking.”Agnès Ricard-Hibon, spokeswoman for the French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU), reacts.

Why the hospital faces a “risk of a health catastrophe”

On the other side, ‘By listening to emergency physicians, it is still possible’And, she adds, on condition “to apply solutions” Already offered in 2019 at “Comprehensive Reform Charter”.

sequel after announcement

This plan, announced at the time after months of strike action, was not yet enough to calm the anger of caregivers whose working conditions had fluctuated. Nothing more than the general increase in the “Ségur de la santé” of €10 billion a year, granted in the midst of a pandemic.

Remedying emergencies will require taking out the checkbook. “it is fun”but ‘We will need concrete and immediate measures’warns Jean-François Sibien, president of the Action Practitioners’ hospital syndicate.

“go further”

“A lot has already been done in recent months.”confirms the footnote of François Braun, referring to the measures put in place upon his arrival in the summer of 2022 (access to emergencies filtered by Samu, increased night hours) ‘I allowed our hospitals to stay’ Until now.

however, “We need to go further.”admits the Ministry of Health, which has just opened a series of consultations with hospital doctors, supposed to be completed before the summer on important topics such as salaries, jobs and “continuity of care” In the evenings and weekends.

sequel after announcement

Government also depends on Care access services, with Samu and liberal doctors, have been tested for two years in about twenty departments, and should be popularized by the end of the year. But at the same time, the executive has chosen to set prices for temporary medical services, which has led to the total or partial closure of small emergency services such as Fiore (Loire), Vittel (Vuges), Pontivie (Morbihan) or Manosque (Alpes d’Or). -Haute-Provence).

“Deteriorating working conditions in the hospital cause deaths”

And the state of hospitals in “significant deterioration” with general disability About one billion euros in 2022.According to the latest opinion of the Alert Committee on health spending.

So it will be necessary “Strong measures to restore all its appeal to General Hospital”Hello, the President of the French Hospital Federation (FHF), Arnaud Robinet “volunteer offered” by the Head of State during his petition “better solidarity” With private clinics and liberal doctors.

However, the latter has other concerns, starting with “Arbitration Rules” Who should set their new rates, after failed negotiations with health insurance. Their unions are invited to a wedding on Monday “information meeting” On this subject, the French Federation of Free Medicine (UFML) indicated, claiming “financial gravity shock”.

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