Home News In Tunisia, the authorities closed the offices of the Ennahda movement, the “concern” of the European Union

In Tunisia, the authorities closed the offices of the Ennahda movement, the “concern” of the European Union

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On Tuesday, April 18, the Tunisian authorities closed the offices of the conservative Islamic Ennahda movement throughout the country, the day after the arrest of its leader, Rashid Ghannouchi, which sparked a strong provocation. “worry” from the European Union.

“A police force appeared at the party’s headquarters (in Tunisia) and ordered everyone to leave before closing it.”This was stated by one of the leaders of Al-Nahda, Riyad Al-Shuaibi, to France Press. “The police also closed other party offices across the country and banned all meetings in these places.”he added.

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“too much anxiety”

The European Union, Tunisia’s main partner, confirmed that it follows “With great concern for the latest developments” in the country, “In particular, the arrest of Mr. Rached Ghannouchi yesterday evening (Monday) and the information related to the closure of the Ennahda party headquarters in Tunis.”.

Brussels summoned “The importance of respecting the rights of the defense as well as the right to a fair trial”. The European Union stressed the closure of the headquarters of the Ennahda movement The basic principle of political pluralism.Considering that all of these items were ‘Essential to any democracy’ formed “The foundation of the EU’s partnership with Tunisia”.

Since November 2012, Tunisia has benefited from the position of privileged partner of the European Union, which accompanied it in the process of democratization that began after the 2011 revolution by providing it with many aids and facilitating access to the European single market.

Tunisia: “an unstoppable statesman”

Rached Ghannouchi’s arrest comes after statements reported by the media, in which he claimed last weekend that Tunisia would be threatened with war crimes. ” Civil war “ If there is the elimination of political Islam from which his party emerged. A source in the Ministry of the Interior, reported by Tunisian media, confirmed that the arrest of Rashid Ghannouchi is linked to these statements.

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France also condemned this arrest. she ‘Part of an alarming wave of arrests’French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre announced, noting Paris’ adherence to freedom of expression and respect for the rule of law.

France demands the Tunisian authorities “to ensure respect for the independence of justice and the rights of the defense”added the spokesperson.

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