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Emmanuel Macron, the atmosphere of the end of governance

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After the image, the sound. The French who could no longer see him preferred not to hear him any more. On April 17, at 8 p.m., these rebels banged on pots, as if to drown out his voice. Thus, the appearances of the President of the Republic follow one another and resemble one another. Many of our fellow citizens say they feel disappointed, feel betrayed, and feel despised. Emmanuel Macron said during his speech to the Elysee that was supposed to mark the end of the battle for pensions, that he envisions ” anger “ from the state. Is the fix acceptable? Obviously not, I confess. As in the case of an elderly couple, the president would like to take note of the disagreement in order to better turn the page. But the feelings are gone.

Macron on TV: How do we reproduce the miracle of Notre Dame?

In the revenge origin of “retire at 64,” the president specifies Demanding social justice and renewing our democratic life that “No one can remain deaf”, Especially not he. However, the head of state may enumerate his successes in fighting unemployment or re-industrialization and promise a remedy “major projects” work, health, and public services, and its commitment to meeting the expectations of its citizens now seems like a mantra. The scene has been played many times. Belief in the performative function of his speech turns into methodical skepticism.

sequel after announcement

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

Emmanuel Macron expects Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne to provide details of the roadmap “One hundred days of peace, unity, ambition and action”. It will be held on July 14th. method yet? Or to save time while waiting for the Matignon’s fuse to blow? Already worn out before ” necessary “ Pension reform, the prime minister is sent to hell. Who are you negotiating with? The new work life charter ? Social partners become enemies. After the last stand on 1any-Etihad may be in airplane mode for several months.

Building “new alliances”, but with whom?

The National Assembly looks like a hostile jungle. How do you build “new eras” ? In full escalation, the new grassroots ecological and social union (Nupes) only aspires to a joint initiative referendum (RIP) and to introduce a bill to prolong the guerrilla war against “retire at 64”. It also incites a new partisan censorship movement…even the National Rally (RN)? The right one, cut in two, no longer works. A third of its deputies became resolute opponents of the government. Others remain wary. Deal with Macroni? LR in Matignon? Today, I won’t say yes.The President of the Senate, Gérard Larch, evaded, and questioned the hypothesis put forward by his friends. Only Marine Le Pen, who does not pressure her, harvests favorable opinion polls and invites her voters to prepare for the rotation process.

Marine Le Pen, The Silent Conquest

The presidential camp itself is divided. Behind Le Maire, Darmanin or Lecornu – all presumptive candidates for Matignon – the right wing is eager to attack public spending or play the security card. While the left wing – still misunderstood – argues that it is time to listen to the people’s voice by taxing capital income. In the face of these contradictory orders, the chief claims to be true to his style Overcoming divisions. He can only get out of the obscurity that hurts him.

Wasn’t it built, as of 2017, on contrasting A.J “Country of Killer Kings” ? By taking the opposite path to the “normal presidency” of François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron sat on the throne that today a large part of the opinion, essentially multi-faceted, would like to bring him down. The unpopularity he suffers from comes from the depths of history. Before him, all the presidents of the republic suffered from him – including de Gaulle. But disillusionment sparks violence, which is partly due to the organization of his power.

“Staying on course is my motto”, fired the military president while visiting the construction site of Notre-Dame de Paris, which he had the honor of rebuilding as quickly as possible. But the system is no longer by divine right. Under the Constitution, the King’s two bodies will be separated in the spring of 2027. Until then, he must be content to stay. The end of reigns is often endless.

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