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What Emmanuel Macron said during his speech

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Trying to get out of the social and political crisis. and re-launch its second five-year term. This is what Emmanuel Macron tried to do on Monday, April 17, during a speech he gave 48 hours after the release of the pension reform, this weekend.

The Constitutional Elders: An Investigation into an Institution as Formidable as It Is Obscure

Khattab turned towards a continuation of the five years, while the executive authority and the majority left affected by this sequence. After he advocated his reform, he gave details of the three projects he intended to launch. She has set a deadline for the first assessment: July 14.

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A ‘necessary’ fix but no ‘compatibility’

Emmanuel Macron once again tried to justify his reform. Defend the changes ” required ” to “To produce more wealth for our nation and guarantee our rights”The Head of State confirmed this“We could do nothing, as that would be to let the deficit grow and the debt accumulate for future generations.”. “Working gradually means producing more wealth, and we need it.”he knocked it again.

I heard in the demonstrations opposition to reform, but also a desire to find meaning in work. In general, it is an anger expressed by many French people, an act that does not allow you to live well However, he admitted.

confirmed “to regret” One “consensus” do not have “Can not be found.”

“No one, especially me, can remain deaf to this social demand, expressed in particular by our youth. The answer cannot be in inertia, nor in extremism. We must work together across divisions. With a clear path: the path of independence and justice.”

to “Rebuild Our Nation’s Momentum”As announced by Emmanuel Macron Three major projects.

sequel after announcement

• The first project: labor reform

Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to build The new work life charter in the coming weeks. Congratulations to himself for creating 1.6 million jobs in six years, as he wished “To initiate the reform of vocational high school” To facilitate the access of young people to work.

“Business has to be better.”criticized the head of state, who offered to receive trade unions – which refused – and employers’ organizations from Tuesday, April 18, “For those willing to open a chain of negotiations without taboos” On income improvement, career advancement, career wear and tear or retraining assistance.

Pension reform: why Macron wants to impose it

More broadly, Emmanuel Macron confirmed that it is “through recycling” And “environmental planning” France will be able to offer better paying jobs. “Thanks to the environmental planning that will be revealed by the summer, we will move towards a new product and environmental paradigm”said the chief.

• The second project: preserving the “republican and democratic system”.

“There is no freedom without law, without punishment”reassured the head of state, who announced the appointment of more than 10,000 judges, agents and establishments 200 new gendarmerie brigade in Rivne..

sequel after announcement

Emmanuel Macron reported it “strong ads” From the month of May against delinquency and social and tax fraud, with promise “Strengthening the control of illegal immigration”. “The rule of law is our foundation, and there is no freedom without rights or penalties against those who violate the rights of others.”said the head of state.

Emmanuel Macron finally confirmed itWe need less laws and less bureaucracy.. In this regard, he wishes to propose “big tracks” So that our institutions work “gain competency”In relation to the President of the National Assembly, the President of the Senate, or the President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. He also wanted to bet on him “Citizen Participation”“,” Like we just did with the Citizens Conference on the End of Life.”

• The third project: reconnection “with progress”

For Emmanuel Macron, patriotic education is a must “To reconnect with the ambition to be one of the best in Europe”. “Teachers will get better salaries, students will get more support with French and maths, as well as homework, they’ll play more sports at school, and parents who will see the systematic replacement of absent teachers”said the chief. This fix should arrive at the beginning of the next school year.

“The less work that is rewarded, the more we will be praised for its value.”

Regarding health, the head of state announced that by the end of the year, there will be 600,000 patients with chronic diseases without a doctor and emergency services will be relieved.

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• 100 working days

“We have 100 days of peace, unity, ambition and work in the service of France ahead of us.”Emmanuel Macron claimed during his televised speech that he had given an appointment Next July 14th. to “Make a first assessment”.

The Head of State indicated that Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne would detail her own road map “As of next week.”. “This is our duty and I trust you, I trust we will achieve it”he finished.

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