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“La Lecon Particulière” How the Score of a French Film Exploded on TikTok

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“La Lecon Particulière” is a French song from the 1968 French film private lion (special lesson) is currently trending on TikTok, thanks to the app’s many clever uses. The song was composed by Francis Lai and arranged by Christian Joubert.

The song basically goes along with a new trend in which the video’s creators reminisce about moments of “poetic gravitas,” which is basically nothing more than a super strong pickup line. Take this video From user “chavoluvr,” which uses a catchy orchestral number for the soundtrack you remember when you got swept away by a transmission line. The caption reads: “When he called me beautiful, a guy from Texas said to me on omegle: ‘I would travel to every country and buy a flower there to make a bouquet, so I could give you the world.

Another videoFrom the user “@julez6784”, referring to the TV show new girl. ‘Yeah, he called me pretty,’ says the voiceover, which was filmed by La Lecon Particulière, ‘but Nick Miller put his finger in the cigarette lighter, so he and Jess were in a lot of pain. »

Composer Francis Lay has been celebrated for the dozens of musical compositions he included a man and a woman And love story, which won Oscars for Best Musical in 1970 and Original Score). The songwriter has also worked with musical luminaries such as Edith Piaf, Mireille Mathieu, and Elton John. He also plays the accordion.

Lay’s work is widely cited as pioneering the world of compositions and soundtracks. Light in the Attic has compiled a collection of his most psychedelic subjects. The album is called Pop history, is an excellent introduction to Lay’s work. The label wrote: “In the wake of Man and Woman, whose soundtrack revealed Francis Lai to the world in 1966, the composer cheerfully plunges into the rhythms of his time, climbing on a psychedelic tsunami of glowing, elegant turmoil. »

“With taut brass, frenzied rhythms and snatches from The Cousins ​​on Carnaby Street, there’s a certain French pop motif here, the brilliant colors of the music shimmering with the deft arrangement of Christian Joubert”.

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