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Emmanuel Macron speaks Monday at 8pm to ‘set the course’

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How does Emmanuel Macron intend to get out of the pension reform crisis? After announcing the reform this weekend, the head of state must speak on Monday, April 17, at 8 p.m. A speech that seems to want to move towards the remainder of the five-year period, while the executive authority and the majority came out affected by this sequence.

The publication of the pension reform in the Official Gazette a few hours after it was partially approved by the Constitutional Council was a new provocation by the opponents. “Until the end of contempt”a ruling by CFDT Chairman, Laurent Berger.

sequel after announcement

The Constitutional Elders: An Investigation into an Institution as Formidable as It Is Obscure

It is also a way of indicating that Monday’s speech, which is broadcast on major television channels, should be forward-looking. However, to pick up the pieces after three months of severe social crisis, and with an executive hurt by using 49.3 and still denied a majority on the board, the task promises to be formidable.

“The president wishes to be able to deliver a message to the French on this occasion, as this moment about pension reform ends, which undoubtedly leaves anger in their heads and hearts.”explained in its footnote.

According to BFMTV, there is no major announcement scheduled for Monday. On the channel on Sunday, Transport Minister Clément Bonne said Emmanuel Macron should do just that Setting the course for the coming months and submit “a kind of road map for government”.

Invitations from opponents of reform flourished on social networks for concerts and rallies in front of town or county halls at 8 p.m. The weekend was also marked by massive rallies for opponents of reform, particularly in Rennes where a demonstration was marred by clashes.

sequel after announcement

The trade union rejected Macron’s invitation on Tuesday

Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to receive ministers and majority leaders in the afternoon. It should also quickly exit from the Elysee to “Exchange with the French”. The minister made it clear last week that he wanted Macron to spend more time on the ground.. An excursion can take place on Wednesday or Thursday, on the topic of education.

Until then, the call for a meeting with the social partners on Tuesday still continues, but the joint unions have already opposed it. Now it’s keeping the course on the May 1 date, which Sophie Binet, CGT’s general secretary, has called “a popular and historic tidal wave.” The General Secretary of CGT, Laurent Berger, wished him a wish on the 1st of May. We ‘break home’ in a number of protesters in the street.. Four SNCF representative unions have already called for a “Railway Worker’s Expression Day” Thursday.

Why was pension reform validated and rejected by RIP? Annotations of the Constitutional Council

According to an Elabe poll for BFMTV published on Monday, more than 6 in 10 French people (64%) think the protest movement against reform should continue, a flat figure compared to March. 45% of them even want to see the movement harden. Almost 7 in 10 French people (69%) still say they oppose reform.

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