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Pension legislative reform, union outrage, Lula’s mediation … five facts to remember from the weekend

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If you’ve picked up the news over the past two days, l’Obs offers you a rundown of the key facts to remember from April 15th and 16th.

Emmanuel Macron will speak to the French

Turning the page … By addressing the French on Monday evening, Emmanuel Macron will try to find a way out of the social crisis that has rocked the country for three months. After the shocking announcement on Friday evening of the pension reform that has just been ratified in outline by the Constitutional Council, the Head of State should speak in “the logic of appeasement” for one time “evaluation” The last few weeks but also to open up horizons when we are already expecting an impossible five-year term for him.

sequel after announcement

After pensions, Elizabeth Bourne wants to “accelerate” the reforms

On Saturday, the prime minister also wanted to show her future self. “In the coming weeks and months, around the President of the Republic, we are ready to accelerate.” Reforms, announced during the National Council of the Presidential Renaissance Party in Paris. “We want to build a fully functional France”And “Ensuring equal opportunity”And “to represent” For health and even education, I held on.

Unions do not give up

But the unions have no intention of disarming. Entry refused“note” Executive after the crisis, they expressed “resolve” To continue the fight against raising the legal age to 64. Beginning to reject the Elysee’s invitation on Tuesday.

The intersyndicale will not accept meeting with the executive before May 1st

He propagated the reform in leaps and bounds, while the unions, united for three months of protest, demanded “officially” to head “Not making a law”, east “totally shameful” , denounced the Secretary General of the CGT Sophie Binet. Emmanuel Macron “become the chief of chaos” And “Opens Boulevard for National Assembly”it snapped. “The contempt that returned to workers will always be.”his counterpart’s reaction to CFDT Laurent Berger.

Pensions: The trade union wants to continue mobilizing despite the approval of the Constitutional Council

Bets between guilds on the traditional meeting of 1any May you would like to switch to “The Exceptional and Popular Mobilization Day”. CFDT Chairman wishes that 1any May “We break the house into a number of protesters in the street.”. “On decrees, concrete implementation of measures, we will not abandon the government”he said in an interview with Parisian.

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Towards a motion of censure in the Assembly?

And Nupes’ elected officials haven’t given up either. Before knowing the decision of the Constitutional Council on May 3 regarding their second request for a referendum on the joint initiative, the left intends to continue the “legislative harassment” as explained by Olivier Faure, President of the Socialist Party. As of Saturday, Insommies MP Eric Cockerell has begun discussions with his left-wing allies as well as the Lewte Group with the aim of presenting a new oversight proposal. On 20 March, after resorting to 49-3, during the previous motion of censure, it was not enough – 9 votes – to overthrow the Bourne government. And this time?

Lula’s mediation

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said he discussed with China and the UAE joint mediation in the war between Russia and Ukraine. He again accused the United States and Europe of prolonging the conflict. The war was because Decisions made by two countriessentencing the Brazilian president. President Putin is not taking any initiative to stop the war. (President Volodymyr) Zelensky of Ukraine is not taking any initiative to stop the war.”He said at a press conference in Abu Dhabi after official visits to the UAE and China.

Europe and the United States continue to contribute to the continuation of the war. So they have to sit around the table and say, “That’s enough,” begged. During his visit to China, he accused Washington“encouraging war” in Ukraine.

Germany is getting out of nuclear energy

The Germans shut down their last three nuclear reactors on Saturday. It is the culmination of more than 20 years of gradual abandonment of atomic energy in the country, despite controversies and the recent energy crisis in Europe. The power plants Isar 2 (southeast), Neckarwestheim (southwest) and Emsland (northwest) were disconnected from the power grid before midnight, with power company RWE describing the shutdown as “end of an era”.

sequel after announcement

Europe’s leading industrial power stuck to the energy transition schedule set in the early 2000s and accelerated in 2011, after the Fukushima disaster, with a stunning turnaround by former Chancellor Angela Merkel. This strategy of abandoning corn, seen as dangerous by large sections of the population, worries many of Germany’s partners who believe nuclear power has a role to play in decarbonizing electricity production.

The invasion of Ukraine was a czar. Because Germany was deprived of Russian gas, most of which Moscow stopped, it found itself exposed to the darkest economic scenarios. The winter finally passed without shortages, Russia was replaced by other gas suppliers, but the consensus on phasing out nuclear weapons has collapsed: in a recent poll for public television channel ARD, 59% of respondents see it as a bad idea in the current context. .

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