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Manuel Bompard proposes to the Nubians to open a “discussion about Europe before the summer”

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“Let’s open the discussions about Europe 2024 before the summer”LFI Coordinator Manuel Bompard introduces his partners at Nupes, Sunday at JDD, saying he is ready to discuss the head of the environmental list.

“It would be wrong to leave the separated.”The believers in Jean-Luc Mélenchon, while the environmentalists several times opposed the termination of the non-acceptance of recalcitrant applications.

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When asked about the possibility of standing behind them, Manuel Bompard replied: “We would be outraged if the possibility of a common list fails for this reason. If environmentalists consider that the only option for a common list of Nupes is to lead it, let us discuss it.”.

Deputy Bush du Rhone considers itWith a joint list, we can win this election and defeat the far right and Macron..

“I heard we wouldn’t agree on everything.”He adds, referring to ecologists and socialists, that Eurosceptics while communists and rebels are Eurosceptics.

“But in the 650 measures of the June 2022 program, we have agreed on the European question.”he thinks.

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The May 2022 Nupes Agreement states that the left in power will implement its program by disobeying European treaties if necessary at certain points, but without questioning the EU framework.

“Let’s open this discussion before summer.”insists Manuel Bompard. “We can’t talk about Nupes Chapter Two if our first decision is to go to Europe against each other.”.

for his eyes “The choice of 2024 will be decisive for the future” And the presidential election of 2027 because How can we rule the country together if we are not able to fight joint battles at the European level? »

According to him, the program is possible on “Combating fraud and tax evasion, against social dumping, environmental divergence, and agricultural agriculture that respects the environment”.

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