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French hits ‘Alibi.Com 2’ and ‘Sweet Little Things’ head to Beverly Hills for comedy show

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The second edition of the Comedy Française premieres this weekend at Cinema Lumiere in Beverly Hills.

The event, which is open to film professionals and the general public, aims to create business and promote the French Comedy.

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Olivier Albou and Laurence Schonberg of the other Paris-based sales and production company, spearheaded the initiative with support from French export authority Unifrance and artists’ residency organization Villa Albertine.

Over the past decade, their company has brought a large number of French comics to the international market including the hits of Netflix. Rotten sausage And The last mercenary.

This year’s list includes the other corner title Sweet little things next to Alibi.com 2Marketed by Newen Connect and How do you live without a mother And stay with usBoth are internationally managed by Studiocanal.

The show starts on Saturday with Ludovic Bernard How do you live without a mother? Starring Frank Dubosc as the stay-at-home father whose dream ski vacation falls apart after his lawyer wife is called into action, leaving him to take care of their four children on his own.

The film opened at number two at the box office in France on April 12 following Dungeons & Dragons: Thieves’ Honor. The comedy is a sequel for 2020 10 days without mom which brought in nearly $10 million in France.

Melanie Ouvre Sweet little things (Small victories) stars Michel Blanc as a pensioner who goes to a small village school to learn to read and write where he goes to challenge the teacher (Julia Platon), who is also the local mayor.

The film won the Jury Prize and the General Prize at the French comedy-focused Alpe d’Huez Film Festival in January and has grossed $6.4 million since its release in early March.

Philip Lacio Alibi.com 2 is currently in third place at the French box office for 2023, having beaten the performance of its 2017 predecessor with a total of around $32.2 million at home so far.

for the salty stay with us The film tells the story of a man whose family embarks on a campaign to rekindle their relationship with their Jewish roots after announcing their intention to convert to Catholicism.

The movie was released last November, bringing in $3.4 million. The action movie acquired the North American rights in January for a 2023 release.

Albaugh says they hope to build on last year’s edition which drew strong crowds and also resulted in a rebranding deal for 2022. Retirement homestarring Kev Adams as a petty criminal who is sentenced to 300 hours of community service in a nursing home.

“Over 800 people came to the theater immediately after Covid and we hope to have a similar audience this year,” he said. “We believe that French comedy has the power to bring audiences to theaters because we could see last year that people were enjoying movies and laughing so much that we wanted to do it again.”

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