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After pensions, Elizabeth Bourne wants to “accelerate” the reforms

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“We are determined to accelerate.” Reforms after the pension reform, Elizabeth Bourne emphasized during a speech she delivered before the National Council of the Renaissance Party, Saturday in Paris, two days before Emmanuel Macron’s speech.

“We want to build a fully functional France”And “Ensuring equal opportunity”And “to represent” For health and even education, attack the prime minister.

sequel after announcement

I spoke for the first time since the partial approval of the pension reform by the Constitutional Council, followed by its promulgation by the President of the Republic.

“Today there is neither a winner nor a loser. There is a difficult reform, and I know that. A reform that requires effort from many of our citizens, and I am aware of that. Rather, a reform that takes into account their respective situations. A necessary reform to ensure the future of the payment system as soon as possible.”said Mrs. Bourne.

“Majority is possible”

After consulting with the political forces at the request of the head of state, the prime minister hinted at the status quo, while the executive lacks an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

“I am convinced that if the time has not come for coalitions, it is possible that the majority will, project by project, offer solutions to the French”did she say.

sequel after announcement

It has weakened since the reform was adopted by 49.3 percent in the Assembly, after only nine votes rejecting a motion of censure against her government, Mrs Bourne has called “modesty”And ” respect “And ” be careful “ to “to listen to our compatriots”.

To achieve this, I believe in one principle: transcend. between right and left, Our Party Identity Renaissance, confirmed again.

Of course, we will encounter those who are nostalgic for old divisions, those who would rather deny themselves than build with us, those who sacrifice the good of the country to go with the wind. But we will never be the concession camp.reassured the Prime Minister.

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