Home News After Emmanuel Macron’s visit, China expressed satisfaction with France’s position on Taiwan

After Emmanuel Macron’s visit, China expressed satisfaction with France’s position on Taiwan

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In contrast to the protest raised in the West, the Chinese are full of praise for “Very good ideas” Emmanuel Macron, who called on the European Union not to do so “follower” The United States on the Taiwan question.

The island of 23 million people is the subject of a bitter rivalry between Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the territory it does not control, and Washington, a key ally of Taiwan and arms supplier.

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During his visit to China, the French president told US website Politico and economic daily “Les Echos” that Europe should not side with the United States or China in the event of a conflict over Taiwan. Comments posted after his return to Paris.

International diplomacy: all roads lead to Beijing

These comments “It is evidently the fruit of long-term observation and reflection.”estimates the “Global Times”, a daily newspaper close to the Chinese powerhouse.

And to mention “words of truth” In an article published Tuesday.

“strategic autonomy”

“Some want to build a false Europe in public opinion and hide real voices and interests.” Europeans, often criticizing the paper for its scathing vituperations.

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In the event of a dispute in Taiwan, “The worst thing is to think that we Europeans must be followers” And “Adapting to the American rhythm and the Chinese overreaction”estimated Emmanuel Macron, requesting a “strategic autonomy” from the European Union.

China/US: The Battle of Taiwan

The remarks, made public on Sunday when China was simulating targeted bombings against Taiwan, sent confusion in the West. Beijing said this Wednesday, April 12th “Do not be surprised” through these reactions.

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The words are well received in China

“Some countries don’t want to see other countries become independent and self-sufficient”Chinese diplomatic spokesman Wang Wenbin told the press.

On the contrary, these countries always try to subjugate them to their will.He added, without specifying which country(s) he was referring to.

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Former US President Donald Trump accused Emmanuel Macron “licking ass” from China after his visit to Beijing, during an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

This position was taken by the French head of state “It would be a great decision.” Because it translates Opposition to a new cold warGreet journalist Chen Weihua, Brussels reporter of “China Daily”, an official English-language daily newspaper.

“Taiwan area powder keg”

Macron’s ideas are very good.says a user on the social network Weibo, in line with many other comments.

Europe’s arrogance and inaction for many years have led it to be extremely strategically passive towards the United States. »

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Received with full honors

Last week, Emmanuel Macron was welcomed as a star in China, with private scenes of ecstasy before a meeting with students in Canton (south).

The Chinese media also did not fail to emphasize the choice of Xi Jinping as his guest, for whom he received all the honors.

However, it is “unrealistic” Against the belief that France would side with China in the event of a conflict with the United States, warns Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of the Global Times and preacher of Chinese nationalism.

Europe and the United States “They share common values ​​and are committed to NATO”he wrote to his subscribers on the social network Weibo.

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