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The pension reform law has been officially promulgated

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The unpopular pension reform, with the main measure being to lower the retirement age to 64, was published Saturday morning in the Official Gazette, after most of the text was approved by the Constitutional Council.

Why was pension reform validated and rejected by RIP? Annotations of the Constitutional Council

After the decision of the Constitutional Council on Friday, the trade union asked “officially” To President Emmanuel Macron “lack of law”. The request remained a dead letter: by issuing the text, the Head of State opposed the termination of inadmissibility.

sequel after announcement

The President of the Republic had spent fifteen days after the Constitutional Council approved most of the reform measures on Friday to sign his signature, giving them the force of a text.

Thus, the Social Security Law is amended (…) In the first paragraph, the word “sixty-two” is replaced by the word: “sixty-four.”states the text.

The Constitutional Council on Friday approved the basics of pension reform and blocked the first request for a referendum on the joint initiative from the left, which had hoped to start collecting 4.8 million signatures for an unprecedented consultation of the French.

Senior Index, Senior CDI … What provisions of pension reform have been subject to oversight by the Constitutional Council?

“No winner or loser”reassured Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, referring to “The End of the Institutional and Democratic Journey” From the text adopted at the Assembly after 49.3.

sequel after announcement

” not finished “and promised the common confederacy in response, satisfied that the failure to enact the law is “The only way to calm anger (…)”Who refused an invitation from Emmanuel Macron.

Pensions: The trade union wants to continue mobilizing despite the approval of the Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council approved b “unusual personality” Backlog of procedures aimed at restricting debate in Parliament.

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