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Hubert Falco, mayor of Toulon, was removed from office by the courts

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Thunderbolt in Var politics: the mayor of Toulon, Hubert Falco, was removed from office on Friday April 14th by the courts, with immediate effect, for having “totally screw up” Its duty is to set an example in the event of embezzlement of public funds.

The Marseille Criminal Court sentenced the elected official, a former member of the Republican Party, who joined Emmanuel Macron, to a three-year suspended prison sentence, the confiscation of 55,000 euros that had been confiscated from his account and a five-year ineligibility penalty with provisional execution, i.e. applicable Immediately, even in the event of an appeal.

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At the age of 75, the strongman from Farr fell into a meals and dry cleaning case that was illegally settled according to justice, on public funds from the county council.

Toulon earthquake

Hubert Falco left the court head over heels without a word. It is a real earthquake for Toulon as it was re-elected three times in the first round and presented itself as a bulwark in the National Rally, from which it took over the city in 2001.

In a long impulse to which she was accustomed, President Celine Ballerini estimated that when he came to a free lunch in the cafeteria of the Var District Council, when he was no longer President, he had “It is clear that he benefited from a favor that was not due to him.”.

As with dinners which were prepared for him and his wife and stored in a private fridge – hence the name of the “Falco’s Fridge” case – at taxpayers’ expense.

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In total, these special meals provided to Hubert Falco and his wife, a county council employee, would have cost taxpayers at least €64,500 between 2015 and 2018, according to investigators. The facts were revealed by a former head of the kitchen, who committed suicide during the investigation, and then confirmed by others, including the Director of Services.

On the laundry costs the Falco couple also paid, “Why did he make the county council bear such ridiculous sums? »asked the chief judge. No doubt about it “You have honored the habits you had before.”.

In public, Hubert Falco’s wife and close bodyguard looked depressed.

“We heard witnesses say that you were an excellent sheriff, and that you did a lot.”Follow Celine Ballerini.

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The model of integrity ‘doesn’t necessarily fit our morals’

“But that’s not the question.”She added, because the facts, “as young as they are”Witness “Obviously disrespectful” Institutions show it “The county council remained your district”. The Public Prosecutor, who made requests consistent with the penalties imposed, described the case as “a real scandal”.

Before the court left to deliberate, Hubert Falco said to himself ” Harm “ The possibility of withdrawing his states from him. Imagine not being able to “For taking part in the life of my city, my country, that is my worst condemnation.”he added.

not ‘Not the deal of the century at all’His lawyer, Thierry Vradet, had tried, and criticized it “northern wind” who brought a model of rectitude from Northern Europe “Do not necessarily adapt to our norms”.

Marc Giraud, the former president of the county council, was sentenced for embezzlement of public funds to a suspended two-year prison term, a €15,000 fine, and five years of disqualification. He had already been forced to give up his chair in 2022, after being convicted again of misappropriation of public funds.

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“Friendship and Reverence” by Musilaire and Estrosi

The lawyer of the anti-corruption association Anticor and the union of Unsa constituencies in the territory of Var were civil parties, but the district council “He does not see fit to bring a civil suit”as the President remarked when he hoped to recover the sums at stake.

“It’s a huge mistake.” That the constituency has not become a civil party, estimated for its part in “Var Matin” opposition municipal councilor Cecile Moshuti.

Muselier, Falco, Estrosi: the infernal trio of the Provencal right

President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council Renaud Mosellere, from the same political side as Hubert Falco, just as Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, testified in a joint press release from “All their friendship and all their respect.” In this “The Great Servant of Toulon” And ” Country “.

For his part claimed the chief RN in Toulon Amaury Navarani “Calling Voters for New Municipal Elections”. Usually, Hubert Falco’s resignation is recorded by a decree of the governor leading to the election of a new mayor within the municipal council.

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