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Hidalgo and the LFI take over the Paris prosecutor’s office

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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and LFI President of Deputies Mathilde Bannot announced the arrest of the public prosecutor over “Marianne Box” Against separatism, after revealing the use of earmarked grants.

“The relevant facts, if true, are very serious.” because “It is likely to distinguish the offense of misappropriation of public funds as well as other offenses.”wrote the Paris mayor in a letter he sent on Thursday to Matignon, a copy of which was obtained by AFP on Friday, April 14.

sequel after announcement

The delegation accompanying the mayor told AFP that the referral to the Public Prosecution Office was underway on Friday.

A joint investigation conducted by the weekly “Marianne” and “France 2”, broadcast at the end of March, describes an opaque administration of this fund that was launched in 2021 by Marlene Schiappa, then Minister Delegate for Nationality, after the assassination of teacher Samuel Paty.

Why Emmanuel Macron could not do without Marlene Schiappa

According to the investigation, the union that would be the main beneficiary, the Union of Associations for Physical Education and Military Readiness (USEPPM), would have used it for a website and social media posts very little, paying the salaries of two former executives. .

In addition, several left-wing figures, including Anne Hidalgo, have been attacked in content from Rebuild the Common, a structure that, according to recent revelations from Mediapart, “It received over €300,000 in public money, when it was just set up and had no known activity.”.

breach of integrity

LFI deputies leader Mathilde Bannot also accepted the deputies: “The facts are serious and call into question Marilyn Schiappa’s responsibility in the creation, use and control of these public funds.”

sequel after announcement

According to her, it is ‘serious breach of integrity’ and on “electoral context”.

Marian lost the Republic

The Paris prosecutor’s office indicated on Friday that a report under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure was being analyzed by Christian Gravel, head of the ministerial commission for the prevention of delinquency and radicalization (CIPDR), before opening a possible investigation. .

On Thursday, National Front deputies called for the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry. “Talking about embezzlement or campaign financing is false and misleading.”in response to AFP Cabinet Marlene Schiappa.

The Minister of State in charge of nationality indicated on March 29 that he had asked the General Inspectorate of the Administration to conduct an audit on this file.

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