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The trade union wants to continue mobilizing despite the approval of the Constitutional Council

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After three months of being asked, these union leaders lined up behind their banner at the head of the procession, what would happen ” after “If The union still exists.If Open a new sequenceIf “A new milestone has been reached.”. The call in mid-March to 49.3 for the adoption of pension reform without a vote by the National Assembly was a landmark. The approval by the Constitutional Council of most of the text, which was announced on Friday, April 14, would be another ratification – still not appeasement or a way out of the crisis.

Opponents and supporters of reform expected the text to come out partially stripped of the position of the wise. If six provisions were rejected, including the establishment of a significant index, it was validated that the reduction to 64 of the statutory retirement age crystallized a three-month opposition. The Joint Initiative Referendum (RIP) request was also rejected.

sequel after announcement

We continue!: With those demonstrators who will not back down regardless of the decision of the Constitutional Council

then, “and after” ? On the eve of the decision of the Constitutional Council, during the 12H On the day of strikes and demonstrations against reform, representatives of trade union organizations warned: everyone will respect them, but they will not signal the end of mobilization. This profound protest movement will continue.Laurent Berger, CFDT General Secretary, told us. This decision is an important moment, but the Constitutional Council does not judge the political content of the reform. We will continue to fight against an unjust and brutal law.”Simon Dotel and Muriel Gilbert, General Delegates of the Solidere Syndicate.

A meeting on Monday, April 17th between the unions, will allow him to respond “unanimous reaction”according to CGT’s Sophie Binet, always reassuring “lonliness” affiliate “Fighting” Among the two regions, citing the example of the Gender Equality Law, which was withdrawn by the executive branch after its approval by the Constitutional Council in 2006.

For Benoît Teste, from FSU, that will be the case now “Emmanuel Macron takes responsibility”. Paradox plays:

The President of the Republic isolated himself by choosing confrontation. Most of it is broken. We showed that we were representative of the majority of the country. »

“People’s lives are not a chain”

Eager to turn the page after three months of social crisis, the embattled president, overtaken by protest even on his trips abroad, offered this Friday to the unions to receive them at the Elysee Palace on Tuesday 18 April. A new attempt to imitate the reopening of the dialogue, while the unions have been calling for a meeting with Emmanuel Macron for a month (in vain), and the meeting of April 5 with Prime Minister Elizabeth Born ended (not surprisingly).

sequel after announcement

This proposal to meet before the mobilization day of April 13 was decided upon, and was warmly welcomed by the union leaders. “People’s lives are not a sequence. There is a delay in decency.”So swept Laurent Berger, on the sidelines of the Parisian rally. I want to say “lol”, quipped by Sophie Binet on CGT. Put another way:

The issue that we want to meet with the President of the Republic about is the retreat from reform. Now is not the time to talk about anything else. »

On Friday evening, Sophie Binet confirmed that the joint unions will not accept meeting with the executive before May 1.

The executive authority that announced that the text would be issued “within 48 hours”And “You must not believe that everything is settled.”warns Dominique Corona, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, who mentions, among the tools still available to opponents of reform, the referral to the Council of State.

Trade unions also hope for the first of May “of historical proportions”, and possibly unitary. And if the request for a referendum on the joint initiative is rejected, then on May 3 the Council of State will issue a decision on the second request for RIP submitted by left-wing senators.

In Paris, at the end of the day, a rally began in the forecourt of the Hôtel de Ville at the invitation of several unions, including the CGT and the FO. there “Convalescing” Wanted Elizabeth Bourne will wait.

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