Home Politics Rapper Médine destroys piñatas holding a picture of two elected RNs during a concert, a complaint has been filed

Rapper Médine destroys piñatas holding a picture of two elected RNs during a concert, a complaint has been filed

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Two elected RN de Gironde, including deputy Edwige Diaz, filed a complaint on Wednesday April 12 against the rapper Médine who ripped his audience to cut out a papier-mâché statue decorated with their images on Saturday during a concert in Agen.

According to the complaint submitted to “incitement to hatred or violence”excerpts that Agence France-Presse was able to read on Friday, April 14, the National Assembly Elected Edwige Diaz and Julie Rechagno believe that the rapper “They were guilty of advocating the murder of their own person.”.

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On Saturday night in Ajín, the rapper destroyed a piñata, that decorative object that kids have to use a baton to retrieve candy and toys during birthday parties, a tradition imported from Mexico. Geoffroy Gary Reconquest Party Representative! Eric Zemour was also targeted in Lot-et-Garonne.


For Marine Le Pen, the ” to threaten “ AL Madinah AL Munawwarah “Shame”. It is a real call for violence and hate! Justice must now be seized as quickly as possible to convict this disgrace.”tweeted the head of the RN group at the National Assembly.

Prior to his concert in Agen, the two elected refused to vote in the New Aquitaine Regional Council for a €65,000 grant awarded to the ADEM Association, the director of the Florida Performance Hall due to the artist’s arrival.

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In Albi (Tarn), a few days ago, the rapper was already talked about by throwing arrows at the portraits of the elected officials Bernard Carayon (LR) and Frédéric Cabroulier (RN) who opposed his coming.

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“I apologize to piñatas around the world”

The messages published by Medina led to “a torrent of hate”a “online harassment” with one Hundreds of tweets to “Threats and insults that clearly amount to political discrimination, sexism, and insult.”reassured Edwige Diaz.

He threw us first to his 205,000 followers and then again to his fans.was angry with AFP, referring to A “real threat” for his safety. “Pinata, you have to hit it with a stick”The Gironde member, who regretted the lack of support from the political class and women’s associations, stressed.

In response to a sarcastic tweet from Edwige Diaz, Médine quipped on Twitter by saying “He gave all his apologies to the Piñatas of the entire world, because he made them support this cosplay (disguise, editor’s note) of Deputy RN”.

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