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Mikhail Abdulkin, the elected Russian communist, listened to Putin with noodles on his ears and was condemned. He called

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His name probably means nothing to you, but his story is being talked about a lot in Russia and abroad, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. An elected Russian communist, Mikhail Abdulkin, was fined in Russia for listening to President Vladimir Putin’s speech … spaghetti hung on his ears. He is scheduled to be retried this month on appeal.

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Why pasta? In Russian, the expression “Hang noodles on the ears.” means “yarn yarn”. However, the deputy posted a video on February 21 in which he watched and listened to Putin’s speech while listening by ear. The subliminal video message: Putin is a liar.

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He was sentenced in March to a fine of 150,000 rubles (1,600 euros). “Discredit” From the army and the authorities, the deputy of the Samara (Volga) region assembly announced on social media, on Wednesday, that its appeal will be considered on April 27.

He denounced his conviction as “Illegal and [ayant] political motives.

The person chosen had himself posted the video for which he was judged. He nodded very seriously, noodles hanging from his ears, when Vladimir Putin mentioned it Centuries of colonization, dictation and domination NATO and the United States, rhetoric used particularly regularly to justify his attack on Ukraine.

The deputy posted his video on Youtube, Facebook and VKontakte, commenting: “I totally support, and I totally agree. Excellent words.”

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My way of joking is telling the truth.

The video angered the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, whose deputy Alexander Khinstein called on the docile Russian Communist Party to do so. “Put it in place” The chosen rebel. But fellow communists defended their comrade.

Instead of examining the files of murderers and swindlers who steal national heritage, [les juges] They decided to punish the ruble, a man who had a different point of view than the point of view of the ruling regime.In an interview with the Svobodnaïa Pressa Youtube channel, a deputy of the State Duma (lower house of the Russian Parliament) condemned the communist Denis Parfyonov.

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Mikhail Abdulkin crowned his VKontakte profile with a quote from writer Bernard Shaw: “My way of joking is telling the truth. It’s the funniest joke in the world.”

The law on the basis of which he was convicted is punishable by a fine the fact of defaming the Russian authorities or the army, a provision introduced shortly after the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine. In the event of recidivism, he faces the risk of imprisonment. Many dissidents and ordinary citizens have already served long prison sentences for criticizing the attack on Ukraine.

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