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Intersyndicale refused to meet with Macron on Tuesday, April 18, nor to meet with the executive before May 1

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They will not go to the Elysee to discuss with the head of state. Sophie Binet, the new chair of the CGT, has made it clear that the intersyndicale will not accept to meet with the executive before May 1.

Pensions: trade unions are calling on Macron not to activate the reform

On Friday, shortly before the Constitutional Council’s decision that approved the vast majority of pension reform, Head of State Emmanuel Macron called the unions to a meeting on Tuesday 18 April.

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calls for the non-enactment of the law

the Union “Official request” Friday for the President of the Republic “lack of law” Pensions reform after the Constitutional Council’s decision to postpone the retirement age to 64 years.

“In the face of the great rejection of this reform, the Trade Union officially demands that it not pass the law, which is the only way to calm the anger that is spreading in the country.”I wrote in a press release.

Pensions: The trade union wants to continue mobilizing despite the approval of the Constitutional Council

Invite employees to do Labor Day “An exceptional and popular day of mobilization against pension reform and for social justice”she “decides (until then) not to accept meetings with the executive branch”as you say.

Today, the Constitutional Council has banned 6 articles of the law. The few aspirations it contained about the employment of the elderly, the right to information, the hardship faced by contract employees in the public service… vanished from the final text. While it was already unfair, the text of the Statutory Retirement Age Deferment Act is now even more unbalanced.”We regret the eight major French trade unions as well as five youth organizations.

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The first RIP is rejected

Noting that the Elders also rejected the first Parliamentary Initiative Draft aimed at organizing the Joint Initiative Referendum (RIP), the Joint Trade Unions are calling for the ratification of the second RIP, which will Breaking the deadlock through democratic consultation. The board should give its opinion on this RIP on May 3.

Pensions: What if Emmanuel Macron offered a way out for Article 10 of the Constitution?

intersyndicale also wants a “new deliberations” in parliament, “As provided for in Article 10 of the Constitution, on the basis of consultation centered on labor issues.”. “It would be the choice of wisdom and appeasement.”she believes.

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