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Florida bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy

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The White House denounced Thursday, April 13 “extremist and dangerous” A new law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy has been passed by the Florida legislature.

Today, the Republican-dominated Florida legislature sent an extreme and dangerous new law to Governor (Ron) DeSantis’ office for signature into law.slammed the US CEO’s spokeswoman, Karen Jean-Pierre, in a press release.

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Florida, America’s very careful lab

Approved 70-40 by the elected officials of this southeastern state, the law was signed into law on Friday by the rising star of the American populist right and potential contender for the White House, Ron DeSantis. .

Another anti-abortion victory in a week

The entry into force of this ban would make Florida one of the states that restricts abortion without banning it, since a year ago the US Supreme Court, controlled by conservative judges, struck down constitutional protections for abortion in the territory, leaving the various states free. States are free to legislate.

In Florida, the southernmost resort of last resort, the fight for abortion looks tough

This law also marks a new resounding victory for opponents of abortion in the United States, at a time when the future of the abortion pill is under threat, following the restrictions imposed on access to this seal decided by the Court of Appeal on Thursday.

‘Increased risk to women’s health’

The only exceptions Florida law considers are those for a ‘grave danger’ For the health of the woman or the occurrence of a fatal deformity of the fetus, as well as in the case of rape or incest, within 15 weeks of pregnancy.

In the US, Republicans are on a crusade against “wake up capitalism”

This law prohibits legal abortions, but it will not stop abortions in practice. Abortions would simply be performed in private, without medical supervision and with increased risks to the woman’s health and physical and mental well-being.”Florida Democrat-elect Lindsey Cross reacts. Florida had already banned abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy in April 2022.

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