Home Politics “We could have had a consensual text after the retreats.”

“We could have had a consensual text after the retreats.”

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Macaronian deputy Monique Iborra is ” angry “ after “A big mess” On the majority bill assigned to “Aging well.” She gave up being scheduled and You won’t vote for her. To denounce his lack of ambition, she told AFP Wednesday, April 12th.

“Today, a single woman who receives 800 euros in a pension cannot go to a nursing home”

“I set two conditions for being decided: that the text be enriched and that it be a step before a great law of old age”which is no longer relevant, denounced the elected Haute-Garonne representative.

sequel after announcement

I worked with the cabinet [des Solidarités, Jean-Christophe Combe]. I realized we weren’t on the same planet.Al-Nahda MP said.

There is no adjustment for the remainder which is paid in Ehpad depending on income

‘I wanted to see real reforms’ V claimed Many reports already. In the Chamber as in the Senate, the representative of the left wing of the elected majority continues.

She asks a “Reform on the rest of the fees, the main concern of people in nursing homes”with mods “based on income”. The minister rejected me.She said.

Like the left, MP Renaissance would like to enshrine in law the ratio of the minimum number of staff in nursing homes to the number of residents. Again, it was unsuccessful.

sequel after announcement

“A big mess”

“I am fully aware of the limitations of the budget. But in this case, why make the bill?”she asks.

Then I saw overnight what the Minister finally intended to put into this text when the Parliamentarians were supposed to write the Bill. It is a loss of the association’s competence.”Monique Ebora regrets.

“Les Fossoyeurs”, a year later: after the Orpea crisis, confidence in the nursing home sector has not been restored

I have decided to withdraw, and I will not vote for her nor participate in the debates. I’m pissed off, it’s a big mess when we could have had a consensual text after retreats”she insisted. His colleague Lawrence Kristol took over the role of rapporteur alongside Ani Vidal.

Frustrated majority MPs

Tuesday the National Assembly began examining the text “To build a well aging society”but the opposition annoyed a “empty shell” The text frustrates some members of the majority.

Artists in the nursing home: Isn’t the elderly entitled to beauty? »

Minister Jean-Christophe Combe supported it Tangible improvements to everyday life Such as the Professional Card for Home Helpers or a “one stop” Simplify procedures within a “Public Service for Autonomous Administrations”.

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