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The Marianne de Schiappa Fund is suspected of defaming Macron’s opponents and financing political content during the election period

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The Mediapart news site revealed, in a survey published Wednesday, that the Marian Fund has been used by the association. “Rebuilding the House of Commons” The second largest beneficiary. Created immediately after the launch of the Marian Fund, the association would publish political content that contradicts Emmanuel Macron’s opponents during the presidential and legislative campaigns.

Why Emmanuel Macron could not do without Marlene Schiappa

This is the second challenge of the Marianne Fund, launched in April 2021 by Marlene Schiappa, then Minister Delegate for Citizenship. The fund began after the assassination of Samuel Paty, a professor of history and geography who was beheaded by an extremist Islamist. The fund was granted 2.5 million euros and aimed to “Financing people and associations who will deliver speeches to promote the values ​​of the Republic and fight against separatist rhetoric, especially on social networks and Internet platforms”.

sequel after announcement

On March 29, the weekly “Marianne” and “France 2” revealed in a joint investigation that the main beneficiary of the Marianne Fund, the Union of Associations of Physical Education and Military Preparedness (USEPPM), was going to use the money from the fund to pay two sums. of its former executives.

Ongoing investigation

After the first revelations, one of the former USEPPM leaders, Mohamed Safawi, announced on Twitter Legal action against all of them. who tarnishes his reputation. The director of communications of the Angers Football Club of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, who is also a political refugee journalist in France, confirmed in a press release issued on Wednesday that he had lifted the legal measures and confirmed that “ Ongoing investigations will help establish the truth “.

An investigation by the Inspectorate General of Administration (IGA) has already been conducted by Secretary of State Sonia Pakis on the management of the Marian Fund. The following checks on usage [des subventions versées]sixteen of the seventeen winning consortiums justify using them correctly.”Marilyn Schiappa, Friday, April 7, answered: In a press release.

The chair of the Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Extremism (CIPDR) Christian Gravelle, who led the operation of the Marianne Fund, also announced that he had submitted a report to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office to condemn the management of funds by USEPPM.

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330,000 euros in public money and 29,250 euros in aid

The second union financed by the Marian Fund is called into question, “Rebuild the Commons” He benefited from financing 330,000 euros from public money, becoming the second beneficiary of the project. She also received a direct grant of 29,250 euros from CIPDR from 2020, when she had no activity at that time,” To accompany the launch of this association »According to Christian Gravelle of Mediapart.

Marlene Schiappa and the Elections: The Discontented Candidate

The association aims to “To promote republican universalism, secularism, and republican values ​​in the broadest sense,” It was created just two months prior to the launch of the Marian Fund Call for Enterprise and had no known activity when the application was submitted.

project you submittedAnd He was chosen from among 47 competitorsAnd It was “Dissemination of a Republican discourse adapted to cultural icons and references to 18-25-year-olds on social networks and on the web in the form of videos, visuals, memes, interviews, reports, documentaries, and events.”.

Links between the association and the selection committee

With our colleagues, Marlène Schiappa confirmed it “The minister was not a member of the selection committee and did not interfere.”. Christian Gravelle, for his part, confirmed that the project “Rebuild the Commons”He was “Perfectly convincing and structured”.

sequel after announcement

The head of the association, Ahlam Al-Mnouni, said she wanted to fill a position “Missing in the collegiate-associative system, too partisan and above all detached from the youth”. Its co-founder, writer Johan Margolis, is a supporter of the Republican Spring. included the political movement, In a press release It aired Wednesday night, just after “definitely [été] associated with or even aware, directly or indirectly, of the terms and conditions for the allocation of this fund and its beneficiaries”.

The head of the CIPDR Center did indeed meet with Ahlam Al-Menouni at the end of 2020. The activist who was involved in the fight for secularism was introduced by an academic specializing in extremism issues, who did not wish to reveal his identity.

Videos about the “Islamic left”

From January 2022 to August 2022, in the middle of the presidential-legislative election season, “Rebuild the Commons” She released 57 videos which were posted on her YouTube channel titled ” like “. These videos aimed at young people contain clear bias, with comments about it “Islamic left”the decolonization movement or on Republican values.

Marlene Schiappa: My dad, that’s a lefty

“To the best of our knowledge, the company has not interfered with the editorial content.”said Marilyn Schiappa’s footnote. Christian Gravelle, for his part, acknowledges the existence “I realize that some of the content contains political references” And ensure that its teams Inform them immediately in follow-up meetings. »

“Rebuild the Commons” He has stopped broadcasting content since the summer of 2022, coinciding with the end of the election campaigns. In the Marian box specification, it is specified that A “special interest” will be brought to Business Sustainability Candidate associations. Its boss however ensures that the project “Currently on hiatus for professional and personal reasons.”

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