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Moscow says to block Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut, Kiev denies

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Confused situation in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine. Russia claimed to have repelled the Ukrainian forces in the city on Thursday, April 13, and prevented any reinforcements from entering it, indicating that the Russian forces are about to take control of this city, the center of the fighting since last summer.

In Bakhmut, “occupy positions at any cost.”

However, in a comment to France Press, the Ukrainian army immediately denied this, claiming that it continues to supply its forces in Bakhmut and inflicts this on a daily basis. “crazy losses” to the enemy. It was not possible for AFP to verify these statements from an independent source.

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The commander of the Wagner paramilitary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose fighters are on the front lines in Bakhmut, noted that it is still standing. “The premature baby” To talk about a complete cordon of the area.

Hakmut has been the focus of fighting for months

A city of 70,000 before the conflict, now completely destroyed, has been the scene of horrific fighting for months.

Due to the length of the battle and the heavy losses suffered by both sides, it has become a symbol of the struggle between the Russians and Ukrainians for control of the industrial Donbass region, which is Moscow’s stated goal.

Yevgeny Prigogine, the former serial killer in Putin’s back kitchen

Attack groups [du groupe paramilitaire] Wagner continues intensive military operations to expel the enemy from the central districts of Artyomovsk [nom donné par les Russes à Bakhmout] »The Russian Defense Ministry said in its daily report Thursday.

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Airborne Forces [russes] Supporting the assault groups on the flanks, making it difficult to send reserves of the Ukrainian army to the city and the possibility of a retreat. [de Bakhmout] enemy unitsis completed.

“Crazy losses” to the enemy

In contact with Agence France-Presse, the Ukrainian army denied any obstruction to its soldiers. “We can fully communicate with our troops, both by technical means, but also to deliver food, ammunition, medicine and everything necessary, and to bring back our wounded.”Said Sergey Cherevaty, spokesman for the Ukrainian military.

“Our forces maintain their defense by inflicting daily casualties on the enemy like crazy.”He added, explaining that the Ukrainian artillery was moving ” continuously “ Counter-battery fire on the Russian guns so that they could not concentrate their fire on the supply lines towards Bakhmut.

Yevgeny Prigogine has taken more precautions than the Russian military, in a message he posted on his Telegram press service.

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The Ukrainian army continues to bring in reinforcements and transfer them to the city. A difficult, bloody battle is going on, so it is too early to talk about a complete encirclement of Bakhmut.He said.

“More than 80% of Bakhmut is under our control, and the other parts are fiercely resisting”he added.

In recent days, Ukrainian forces seem to have lost ground in the center of Bakhmut, where many Russian war correspondents have visited, showing in their reports a ruined city with an apocalyptic background.

The longest battle since the beginning of the war

On Monday, the head of the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian region of Donetsk, Denis Pushlin, published a video clip showing him in the center of Bakhmut and claiming that the city is being “liberated”.

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In recent weeks, Russian forces have advanced north and south of Bakhmut, cutting off several Ukrainian supply routes and capturing the eastern part.

A year of war in Ukraine boils down to ten key dates

Over the past few days, they seem to have been advancing in the center of the city, in furious urban combat, which again fueled speculation of an upcoming Ukrainian retreat.

It is the longest and deadliest battle since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

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