Home News In the UK, striking is not an individual right, unlike in France.

In the UK, striking is not an individual right, unlike in France.

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Since the beginning of the year, the social climate has been very tense on both sides of the channel. Between the fight against pension reform in France and that of wages in the United Kingdom, this April promises to be decisive for the social movements in these two countries. Marc Lenormand, a lecturer at Paul Valery University in Montpellier who specializes in British trade unions, explains how they differ from each other.

What historical, cultural or social factors explain why the strikes in the United Kingdom, despite their scale, did not contain the ‘revolutionary’ aspect of the strikes in France?

In the UK, we have strikes by company and sector and without, or very rarely, wider affinities. On the contrary, in the French context, trade union organizations issue notices, and hope that these calls will be heard outside the boundaries of the trade union organization.

Broken Britain: A Journey into a Country in

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