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The anti-Melenchon left believes in its future

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In the Assembly, the question is on everyone’s lips. Was the dissident PS Martine Froger, victorious, on April 2, of the Partial Legislative Assembly of Ariège against the candidate of the Ecological and Social Union of the New People (Nupes) Bénédicte Taurine, as you have requested, authorized to sit on the benches of Socialism? Nothing less confident. According to our information, an interview with the PS hierarchy is scheduled for this week. In all due respect, the Ariège rebel must meet the first secretary, Olivier Faure, and the head of the parliamentary group, Boris Vallaud. “They want to see me? Teach me…” Martine Froger reacted, the day before the Easter weekend. The former special education teacher was ready for an interview…which would likely turn into a Deaf dialogue.

“I do not agree that a deputy who was a member of the beaten joint Nupes sits in the socialist group,” Mathilde Bannot, leader of the rebel deputies, warned. message received. The leadership of the Social Democratic Party and its parliamentary group requires the participant to agree to participate in the Nupes business. The company that the rebellious Ariège flatly rejects.

“Since I adhered to it during my campaign, I will not join the Nupes. I have been a socialist activist for thirty years. I only aspire to find my real political family. I do not want to be dragged by the LFI and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.”


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